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Time to compare the test to people's thoughts...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:56 am
by Chained Divinity
So I have a slight bit of a problem, that some might understand a bit. :lol:

I've tested as a certain thing (which I won't say yet--don't want to bias anyone), but I've already seen two other entries that could describe me. And this sort of leaves me in a bind, in that I'm not totally sure if the test is accurate...

So! I'm going to describe myself, and see what you all think. :)

So, I'll begin with my first goal, then work outward from there--and that first goal is, simply, to influence history a bit. I want to have done something meaningful with my life, that truly affects how other people enjoy theirs. I don't care nearly as much about the typical signs of success than that. However, I'm also a bit picky about what I'd like to do in that process--I wouldn't like to be a businessman, unless I was far from typical corporate culture, because I find the idea of it...kind of stifling. I prefer to operate by my own independent means for that reason, and avoid following general rules about how to deal with situations if I feel like they're part of some larger mentality that's not mine.

In order to become as capable of influence as possible, or at least as myself as possible, I believe that there are certain traits I must maintain--intellect, of course, being one (of which open-mindedness is a huge part, to me, even if I don't always achieve it), creativity another, and another being the following of certain values. Of all of these, it's probably creativity that I take to the most readily, because even though I also engage in the use of intellect just for fun, creative work is for me one of the best stress relievers I know. It's an incredibly fun endeavor that could almost serve as another drive, and it's helped me learn and grow as a person incredibly much.

When determining my viewpoints, which are of course important to how I'll shape things, I attempt to use logic to determine what they'll be. When thinking about particular measures, plans to do various things, I'm generally successful at this, but there are certain viewpoints I have that I view as a part of myself--this isn't always solely a moral thing either, and it can be an aesthetic thing or a thing I've decided about a life choice, as well. And when this happens, I tend to become a bit more stubborn about keeping the view, to the point where I've accepted suspensions and risk of expulsion to hold onto the pursuit of this girl I liked. I think, though, that on this score I've begun to mellow out, as I've managed to break my habits in this regard several times in the last year or so--and in general, it's logical reasoning that provokes a shift.

I tend to be pretty easily distracted, and no one could say I'm a particularly hard worker. However, on things I enjoy I can maintain my attention for a bit longer, as this post actually demonstrates :lol: . It's generally not long enough, however, to finish a long-term project without numerous hiatuses.

If anyone has any further questions to ask, feel free. :lol: :)