Yielding/Obstinate Dichotomy


Yielding / Obstinate is one of the 15 Reinin dichotomies. More research is needed to understand this dichotomy.

Typical Characteristics

Yielding Types

  1. Resources are 'sacred', but ideas are freely shared and manipulated
  2. Easily aware of the boundaries between their and others' interests.
  3. Protect their resources to the point of conflict, and their reaction may be unduly strong
  4. "If I know I can't do something, I won't and will forget all about it."

Obstinate Types

  1. Ideas are 'sacred', but resources are freely shared and manipulated.
  2. Easily aware of the boundaries between their and others' resources.
  3. Guard their interests from intrusions, and their reaction to such intrusions may be quite sharp.
  4. "I won't abandon my interests just because my resources are inadequate, but simply work towards improving my resources until they ARE adequate."
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