The Democratic/Aristocratic Dichotomy


Aristocracy / Democracy is one of the 15 Reinin dichotomies. Alphas and Gammas are the Democratic types and Betas and Deltas are the Aristocratic types. Another way to put this is that researchers and socials are the Democractic types and Pragmatists and Humanitarians are the Aristocratic types. More research is needed to understand this dichotomy.

Typical Characteristics

Aristocratic Types

  1. Inclined to perceive and define themselves, and others, through groups they belong to; however, such groups are perceived and defined by the Aristocrats themselves, not necessarily accepting those groupings as defined by others or by social conventions.
  2. Their initial attitude to another person is influenced by their attitude to the group they see the person as belonging to.
  3. Tend to attribute common qualities to members of their circles of contacts, and define such circles by those same qualities.
  4. Inclined to use expressions that generalize group features.

Democratic Types

  1. Perceive and define themselves, and others, primarily through individual/personal qualities: interesting, pleasant, unpleasant, good-looking, etc, not in connection to any group they may belong to.
  2. Form their relationships/attitudes toward other persons based on the latter's own individual characteristics, not with base on their relationships to groups of any kind, nor on their relationships to representatives of such groups.
  3. Not inclined to perceive their acquaintances as representatives of a certain "circle of contacts" that supposedly possesses qualities inherent to people of that circle
  4. Not inclined to use expressions that generalize group features.

Democratic Types: LII (INTj)  ILE (ENTp)  ESE (ESFj)  SEI (ISFp)  ESI (ISFj)  SEE (ESFp)  LIE (ENTj)  ILI (INTp)  

Aristocratic Types: LSI (ISTj)  SLE (ESTp)  EIE (ENFj)  IEI (INFp)  EII (INFj)  IEE (ENFp)  LSE (ESTj)  SLI (ISTp)  

Famous Democratic Persons

Quentin Tarantino
type persontype info Artist
George W. Bush
type persontype info Politician
George Orwell
type persontype info Writer
Marlon Brando
type persontype info Actor
Alan Greenspan
type persontype info Business Leader

Famous Aristocratic Persons

David duchovny
type persontype info Actor
Mark Twain
type persontype info Writer
Edward Norton
type persontype info Actor
Jake Gyllenhaal
type persontype info Actor
Diane Keaton
type persontype info Actor, Writer
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