The Asking/Declaring Dichotomy


Asking / Declaring is one of the 15 Reinin dichotomies. Asking means that motive of communication is external. In contrast, Declaring means that motive of communication is internal. More research is needed to fully understand this dichotomy.

Typical Characteristics


  1. Tendency to dialogue.
  2. Much of what an asker says seems more question-like, even statements.
  3. Always, as the other person talks, affirm the receipt of information with yeah, mhm, etc.
  4. Can talk to an audience as a whole very well.
  5. Starts talking at times expecting someone to get interested and start paying attention.
  6. Has a tendency to interrupt and feels comfortable pausing half way on the speech and with "questions allowed all the time" way, returning to what was said later if necessary.
  7. Quite often asks a non-rhetorical question and answers it himself.
  8. Often just asks questions to fill in time, without serious need to actually find the information asked.


  1. Tendency to monologue.
  2. Much of what a declarer says seems more statement-like, even questions.
  3. Listens attentively and silently to others' speeches to return to a long speech.
  4. Finds it easier to talk to one person at a time.
  5. Before starting to talk, first ascertains that attention is grabbed.
  6. Is very patient in terms of others speeches in terms of letting finish.
  7. Prefers to finish the speech before letting others talk, likes closure and that their point was conveyed.
  8. Questions are often either rhetorical or only strictly motivated by serious need for certain information.

Asking Types: LII (INTj)  ILE (ENTp)  EIE (ENFj)  IEI (INFp)  ESI (ISFj)  SEE (ESFp)  LSE (ESTj)  SLI (ISTp)  

Declaring Types: ESE (ESFj)  SEI (ISFp)  LSI (ISTj)  SLE (ESTp)  LIE (ENTj)  ILI (INTp)  EII (INFj)  IEE (ENFp)  

Famous Asking Persons

Milla Jovovich
type persontype info Actor, Musician
Keanu Reeves
type persontype info Actor
Adam Rodriguez
type persontype info Actor
Sigourney Weaver
type persontype info Actor
Joe Pesci
type persontype info Actor

Famous Declaring Persons

David duchovny
type persontype info Actor
Condoleeza Rice
type persontype info Politician
Adrien Brody
type persontype info Actor
Jeremy Irons
type persontype info Actor
Ralph Nader
type persontype info Politician
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