Socionics Quadras


A quadra is a group of four socionic types which have the same valued elements (i.e. the same elements as their 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th functions). The same intertype relations exist between the types of any quadra: identity, dual, activation, and mirror. These relations are generally favorable, with types sharing similar or compatible strivings, unspoken values, and expectations for interaction. The socion contains four quadras: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

  • Alphas value Ti, Ne, Fe, and Si;
  • Betas value Ti, Se, Fe, and Ni;
  • Gammas value Fi, Se, Te, and Ni;
  • Deltas value Fi, Ne, Te, and Si.

Attempts at accurate descriptions of quadras are notoriously difficult, as each quadra description must find some commonality among four types that collectively represent all four temperaments and two different clubs. Because the shared quadra values are abstract, quadra descriptions typically rely on presumed shared interests. All the typical problems of type diagnosis apply as well.

Quadra values are best understood in terms of preference, and are unrelated to strength. For instance, a type with Ne in their Ego will necessarily have Ni in their Id and therefore be quite confident in both, but when there is a choice in priority, that type will tend to prefer to focus on Ne over Ni. A type of the same quadra, but without either function in the Ego, will likewise prefer Ne over Ni but not be particularly confident in either, so welcoming help from others on Ne issues far more than over Ni issues. Therefore both types have Ne as quadra value.

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