Beta Quadra

Alpha Quadra

Beta, or the 'second' quadra, includes EIE, LSI, SLE, and IEI. According to the Reinin dichotomies, Beta Quadra is 'Decisive,' 'Merry,' and 'Aristocratic.'

Dominant Elements

The dominant IM elements of the Beta Quadra are Ti, Se, Fe, and Ni. All Beta Quadra types have these elements in the Ego or Super-Id blocks and tend to promote or favor their use over subdued elements.

Ti blocked with Se

  • Beta quadra types prefer situations where the power structure and hierarchy is clearly defined according to consistent rules where ambiguities are minimized.
  • Beta quadra types are more confident analysing realistic characteristics of situations, people, and objects, rather than alternative and could-it-be scenarios.
  • Beta quadra types are inclined to attribute to a new acquaintance traits that they have previously observed in other individuals belonging to the same group as they see the new acquaintance as belonging to (Aristocracy).
  • Beta quadra types are inclined to look for general rules explaining people, politics, mechanisms and trends, rules that once defined can be applied generally, rather than go about things in a case-by-case way.
  • Beta quadra types are energized by competitive situations where analytical tactics are emphasized.

Fe blocked with Ni

  • Beta types tend to enjoy group activities where the whole group participates in generating a common emotional atmosphere, as in laughing at jokes, etc.
  • Beta types tend to feel energized in the presence of people who share their beliefs and express them with obvious enthusiasm and emotion.
  • Beta types tend to give more value to feelings when they are demonstrated with clear emotional expression, and tend to increase the level of their own emotional expression in order to get a reaction from other people.
  • Beta types tend to describe personal views of special meaning with "poetic" or "dramatic" expressions and language.
  • Beta types are often deeply concerned about social issues and the direction the world is heading. They believe that apathy is a significant cause of societal problems, and work to fight against it.

Subdued Elements

The subdued IM elements of the Beta Quadra are Fi, Ne, Te, and Si. These elements reflect aspects of reality which Beta Quadra types prefer to keep to themselves and not discuss openly.

Fi blocked with Ne

  • Beta types are not inclined to enjoy discussions of personal experiences when the focus is on a person's own inner feelings, especially when described in a subdued way.
  • Beta types tend to be skeptical of another individual's potential for personal growth in terms of abilities and character, and dislike being the subject of such a discussion by others about themselves.

Te blocked with Si

  • Beta types tend to look down on nuts-and-bolts, detailed work as a source of success, preferring to focus on "vision" and leadership.
  • Beta types don't so much enjoy relaxed personal activities as they do competitive group activities.

Group Behavior

Preference for larger groups where participation is "collective" rather than focused on individuals for any length of time, but with likely "domination" by more assertive individuals. This means that beta groups discuss topics that everyone could contribute to. Frequent unexplained inside jokes are considered impolite because they exclude other people. Jokes are loud and general, often about stereotypes. Betas attempt to draw others into the group activity: for example, in a situation where there are "group rituals" going on (as in drinking, dancing, etc), there is good-natured pressure on "outsiders" to also participate in them, with a sort of puzzled dismay if they prefer not to. They also try to draw attention to people who might otherwise feel left out - usually this is done with general jokes directed at individuals. In more subdued moments, discussion of ideas involving present trends and political implications, with strong views voiced. Personal experiences tend to be discussed from the point of view of their external impact rather than the individual's own personal view of them.

When larger social events are organized by Betas (such as parties, receptions etc), they show an inclination to promote activities that will lead to the guests involved as a single group, such as games and shows; dislike for the "quieter" form of events where guests tend to quietly form smaller groups in more intimate atmospheres, which Betas tend to see as boring.

For Betas atmosphere is more important than specific activity or topic. Groups of betas spend time together to entertain each other. They exchange fun (and often loud) stories to feed the atmosphere, so that the group energy won't run out. People talk fast and they often add comments to other people's stories if they feel that the pace is slowing down. When someone starts to talk, he takes on the obligation to entertain for the duration of the monologue and, in a friendly group, other people only interrupt to try and help him keep control of the atmosphere.

Talking about personal matters in a group is not something that Betas generally do. It's viewed almost as treachery when something that was told in a one-on-one conversation is retold in front of a group, or when someone criticizes another person's traits in front of the group. Betas believe such things should be told in private and should not be used to embarrass or belittle a friend.

Betas also don't like it when people tell long, slow stories. Betas try to be polite and listen to the story, and they will forgive you if it was boring for them, but if someone does it too often they might not be invited back. Betas restrict long-winded stories to one-on-one conversations. However, IEIs are more likely to adjust to the slower stories because they are very flexible conversationalists.

Romance Styles

Beta romantic relationships tend to start from intense exchanges of emotions, either of a playful, aggressive sort, or of a more "tormented" sort based on personal images of special meaning, "romantic" in a 19th-century sense. The two sorts merge together to make Beta the quadra most inclined towards "romantic courtship" in the everyday sense of the term. A relationship is felt to be "lacking" if not accompanied by intense demonstrations of emotions. Romantic relationships are also held together by a sense of common goals and purpose, and of the other person as the best partner towards achieving them. Betas are the most intense of all quadras in terms of exchanges of emotional and sensual interplay.

Perception of Other Quadras


Betas tend to regard Alpha types as pleasant company, fun and creative, but too goofy and present-oriented, lacking focus and ambition, needing to be led, and more concerned with refining the world of ideas and fun than the "real world".

Usually a group which consists of members of both quadras gets along much better than Alpha-Beta interquadra pairs of people. In groups, Fe starts to dominate and there is a lot of active laughter as the Betas tell loud stories, and the Alphas make goofy suggestions for entertainment. On individual level, the differences are more difficult to overcome because values are different.


Betas tend to regard Gamma types as stand-offish and occasionally emotionally hostile, judgemental, and inclined to not seeing the "big picture" in political or work situations, a combination of political naivity and moral stiffness which may end up jeopardizing the Betas' goals. Socially boring, "can't take a joke", vindictive. A group consisting of Betas and Gammas does not mix well. Betas try to make general jokes, but Gammas make extremely personal sharp jokes. Gammas like everyone to take care of their own needs and people are constantly moving and forming small groups but Betas want people to stay together. Gammas feel that Betas are trying to restrict their fun and Betas feel that Gammas are just trying to break the fun group. However, on a personal level Betas and Gammas often get along very well - they discuss politics, religion, nature, etc. They both see the general trends and they compare predictions of what will happen next. Betas view the general emotions motivating the events and Gammas view the objective facts so they might not agree but the conversations are intriguing nonetheless.


Betas tend to regard Delta types as noncommittal in their unwillingness to support goals decided in a group, lack of drive, and ethical self-righteousness. Rather than back group efforts that require vision and concentration of effort, Delta types prefer to just work on personal projects. Equally mixed groups of Betas and Deltas get along just fine. Nothing great, nothing horrible. Deltas tell their personal views, but they don't feel comfortable enough to get too personal and Betas make general jokes to entertain others but don't feel playful enough to make loud jokes that might offend Deltas. But when there's a quadra dominance, things go bad very fast. The Beta group is too loud and impersonal for Deltas and the Delta group is too muted and personal for Betas. Betas want to express their views and opinions very openly, while Deltas want everyone to keep any possibly offensive views to themselves.

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