Delta Quadra

Delta Quadra

Delta, or the 'fourth' quadra, includes LSE, EII, IEE, and SLI. Reinin caracterises this quadra as Judicious, Serious, and Aristocratic.

Dominant Elements

Grouping together the elements of the Ego blocks of the Delta Quadra types, we get a picture of what aspects of life Delta Quadra types strive to bring to the forefront of life, as well as the kind of group atmosphere and lifestyle they pursue.

Te blocked with Si

  • Delta types make a point of talking about the rationale behind their actions and emphasizing the productiveness or unproductiveness of different ways of doing things - even in such emotional areas as personal relationships.
  • Delta types value peaceful, refreshing activities where they are doing something useful and balancing out their inner world at the same time.
  • Delta types have the philosophy that they will have to rely on their own industriousness to achieve their goals rather than on luck, speculation, group effort, or strong leadership.

Ne blocked with Fi

  • Delta types love to share personal experience mixed with their own sentiments regarding their experiences, but all in an insightful and non-dramatic manner.
  • Delta types like to talk about new beginnings, opportunities for personal growth, and their plans and prospects for the future.<

Subdued Elements

Grouping together the elements of the Super-Ego blocks of the Delta Quadra types, we get a picture of what aspects of life Delta types strive to keep hidden, avoid, not focus attention on, and keep at the periphery of their lives.

Fe blocked with Ni

  • Delta types rarely display their deep passions and vision, preferring instead to talk in more neutral terms about what they want to do and why.
  • Delta types reject dramatism and emotional affect in favor of wry humor and understatement.
  • Delta types don't tend to form or maintain groups based on fun, emotional interaction, but only take groups seriously that perform some common productive or restful activity.
  • Delta types generally dislike using poetic wording when describing their inner state, but talk simply about what they feel or their bodily sensations.

Se blocked with Ti

  • Delta types do not fare well in high-pressure situations where they are being forced to do things, are facing threatening opponents, or are submitted to rigorous discipline, but wear out quickly and look for a more peaceful and welcoming environment.

Group Behavior

Groups made up of primarily Delta types tend to be focused on working on projects, enjoying physical recreation, or finding out interesting things about each other. Laughter is usually subdued and brief; instead, people smile a lot and try to be witty and welcoming. Groups need to be focused on some specific productive activity or topic of discussion, or else they fall apart. In Delta groups, there is a lot of splintering and decentralization. This allows for more focused and productive interaction with only those who share your particular interests or sentiments. People jump from small group to small group easily to keep up their interest level. No one demands that the entire group listen to one person or that everyone do the same thing. Delta Quadra types believe that if everyone just pursues their own interests and makes some accommodations for others, the group will be better off anyway. Delta Quadra types do not focusing on building group identity or unity of purpose, but prefer for the group to remain splintered and decentralized.

Romance Styles

Delta romantic relationships usually begin simply as the encounter of two individuals interested in a relationship and each other in a particular moment, with very little in terms of outward demonstrations of "romance" in the "wooing" sense of the term or in strong external demonstrations of emotions. Deltas are more focused on the present moment than Gammas, and therefore even relationships of very strong attachment do not lead to constant concerns as to their longer-term practical feasibility. Deltas see as optimal romantic relationships those where partners spend time together on fun activities and sharing ideas of potential practical application. Romantic atmospheres are low-key, based on comfort but practicality.

Perception of Other Quadras

Alpha Quadra

Deltas tend to see Alpha types as fun company and interesting people to discuss ideas and prospects with, but naive and inconsistent in their personal and business relationships. Alpha types seem to lack the common sense to turn their fun and creative energy into something productive and often seem overly idealistic.

Beta Quadra

Deltas tend to see Beta types as people who "dream big" and always want to turn things into grandiose endeavors, yet can't manage day-to-day affairs effectively. Also, Beta types seem unwilling to consider things from the point of view of others, which gives them a streak of meanness and cruelty.

Gamma Quadra

Deltas tend to see Gamma types as driven and reliable in personal and business relationships, but not sufficiently understanding of people who want to pursue their own individual path in life. Gamma types sometimes become too demanding and can have a streak of vindictiveness or spitefulness which prevents them from being accepting and forgiving.

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