ESI (ISFj) Subtypes

ESI-Se: The ISFj Sensory Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The sensory subtype is quite strict, critical, and ironic. Categorical in conclusions and uncompromising in decisions. Internally sensitive and emotional, but tries to appear as strong, cold, and self-assured person. Serious, guarded, and private. Conservative in his tastes and habits. Diligent in work, though sometimes he lacks in attention and perseverance to complete his assignments. At times seems unapproachable, arrogant, and prickly. His gaze is piercing. His face sometimes assumes a guarded expression. Well-wishing and attentive, but keeps at a distance from others. Quite undemonstrative. Dislikes it when his appearance is inspected; afraid of external evaluations. Takes care of his looks, dresses elegantly, with taste and a bit of strictness. If he is confident in his appearance, may allow himself to wear additional accessories. His gait is often hammering.


Stubborn, firm, and uncompromising in matters that are of importance to him. Strong-willed and enduring. Industrious and venturesome. Energetic and quick in handling practical matters. Can do several things at once, showing extraordinary work ethic and efficiency. From time to time, needs an emotional discharge. Difficult life situations invigorate him and stimulate him to search for quick solutions and exits out of current circumstances. With difficulty takes the initiative in making new acquaintances and establishing new contacts, but usually takes the first steps in breaking off relations that have run their course. Observant and clever, at the right time can hit the weakest spot of his opponent. To good and poor treatment answers with the same. Has a tendency to divide people into "his own" and "others".

Seems somewhat inaccessible, vigilant, and alert. Dislikes it when someone puts his qualities to an evaluation because internally he is not fully confident in himself. Intolerant of those who are lazy, slovenly, and disingenuous. Does not forgive rudeness and tactlessness, which may even serve as a reason to break up relations for him. In a company of unfamiliar or unpleasant people, he feels constrained and may choose to leave quietly. Does not like unexpected visitors, quickly becomes tired of them. At times he is overly distrustful and suspicious of others.

In conversation with people tries to determine their abilities and possibilities for future practical application in some area. Tries to evaluate people objectively, regardless of his sympathies for them. Often possesses good administrative skills. In his decisions seeks to rely on factual information.

In a circle of close people, he is usually talkative, makes jokes, sometimes asks tricky questions, inclined to play pranks and set up ruses; attempts to entertain others. Subordinates his emotions to the situation: he is cheerful among those who are cheerful and serious among those who are serious. Defends and upholds ethical standards. Selflessly protects his own interests and interest of people who are close to him. Able to make others subjugate to his will. In difficult situations, readily lends his help to others and offers his services. Tries not to show his anger and spite openly, but not everyone can withstand his penetrating, prickly gaze.

Places high demands on himself. Quickly adapts to new circumstances if he finds them favorable. Poorly tolerates ambivalence and hesitation. Finds it difficult to wait for resolution of important for him questions. Often fluctuates in selection of a goal, but at a critical moment he can make the right decision. Poorly feels the progression of time; due to this, grows nervous getting ready for anything, feels anxious that he won't make it on time. Feels worried concerning upcoming changes, for example, when he has to take a trip. Cherishes stability, supports conventions of his own circle. Somewhat suspicious and skeptical.

A good economist, able to efficiently handle his finances, dislikes being in debt. Easily takes the initiative in concrete and practical activities, can even be assertive and imposing. Intolerant of irresponsibility and disorganization. Often possesses a developed aesthetic taste and dresses originally. Clean and neat, and demands the same from others. Finds it difficult to discern individual capabilities and hidden motives of others; due to this can have problems with his work colleagues, family members and children.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Characterized by luxury in their close circles, Can even be aggressive if people do not agree with them. Dutiful, active and hardy. In conflict situations is never the first to seek reconciliation. Can lead groups well enough, maintain discipline and order, and apply sanctions to those misbehaving. Demonstrate affection through their eyes. Businesslike and purposeful, gravitates towards administrative activity. Can give rebuff and marshal, if that creates a mafia-like structure, since they will easily recognize the results of this activity. Prefers a prestigious style of clothing, sometimes in bright, but unexciting tones.

Sexual behavior

Emotional yet restrained in expressing feelings. Capable of taking initiative if their partner finds it difficult, but only if partner will confidently reciprocate. Have many concealed complexes, which they find difficult to free themselves from; because of these they may seem cold in regards to their erotic feelings. Require both romantic and practical proofs of love, and an emotionally confident partner. Need a flexible, dynamic person, capable of removing suspicion and influencing the favorable outcome of events.

ESI-Fi: The ISFj Ethical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The ethical subtype makes an impression of a modest, gentle, and kind person, but in his soul and essence he is exacting, principled, and distrustful. It is difficult to make him to change his mind; he can be obstinate and pig-headed in allowing others to persuade him. Sensitive, unimposing, conscientious. Internally critical; he applies his high ethical standards to everyone, though may not openly express this. If his principles are encroached upon, he suddenly becomes sharp and uncompromising, demonstrating a harsh and firm character. Hardworking, practical, and thorough in his work. Shows good manners, tries to be gracious and refined. Dresses with taste, but somewhat monotonously. His gaze is soft, at times wary and testing. In interaction with other people he is sincere, caring, and courteous.


Restrained, tactful, and polite in his behavior. Well-versed in human relations. He is constantly analyzing actions of others and condemning any behavior that violates moral and ethical standards. Principled in matters of morality and responsibility. Distinguished by his sharp and categorical conclusions. Tries to be more tolerant of others, thus he doesn't immediately express his opinions if they are negative. Very observant: readily takes note of personal deficiencies and qualities of other people. Remembers the mistakes of others for a long time; if opportunity presents itself can resort to his "personal files". At a distance, however, he can idealize those towards whom he is sympathetic.

Stable in his habits and affections; appreciates friendship and does not forgive betrayal. Expresses his attitude not so much by words as by tone of his voice and look. Does not like giving promises if he is unsure that he can deliver them. Dislikes imposing anything on people who are unfamiliar to him. Yielding in relations, may put aside his own affairs to devote himself to solving problems of his partner. Vulnerable and impressionable; shares his feelings only with people who are close to him. Demonstrates his attitude not only by words, but also by deeds. Guarded and mistrustful; tries to be cautious such that he wouldn't be caught by surprise. Courteous and polite. Modest and undemonstrative in his behavior, tries not to stand out. Dresses simply, but tastefully.

Does his work consistently and thoroughly overcoming any obstacles that arise on the way. Does not put off tasks and chores until later. Helps others with their work if they cannot cope with it by the deadlines. Painfully endures injustice and critical remarks regarding his abilities. Afraid of making mistakes and failing others. In need of praise and compliments, but doesn't show this. Can be indecisive; given to internal doubts, but ultimately does not let his internal swings undermine his main values. Appreciates comfort, both in work and in human relations.

Very conscientious, aware of his obligations, responsible person, but prefers to share responsibility with others. Expands his time and effort for upkeep of order and stability. May prefer to plan his future activities. Punctual, prepares in advance, usually does not run late to events. Inclined to sit up late at work trying to finish everything. Forces himself to do work that is uninteresting but necessary. Able to accurately maintain records.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Subtle, sensitive nature, is a good judge of character and a reliable friend, is capable of compromise. In their softness and ease of contact he sometimes resembles an SEI ethical subtype. This subtype is more frequently better at putting ideas into practice than at organizing things: since others are included, their opinions are important to him. Very good with small children; sensitive, thoughtful and attentive. Can also manifest applied skill and cultural activity. Outward appearance is modest; rarely follows fashion and prefers a freer style.

Sexual behavior

Disposed to constancy, honesty and stability. In relations they are tactful and attempt to fulfill the desires of their partner. Verbally express their views and concerns. Attentive to detail, are careful and distrustful. Need a partner that’s not overly demanding; they should be economic and aid in the creation of comfort, order and welfare. Partner should be responsive to their pleasures but more so to their attachments; otherwise they may possibly break relations, ignoring any compromises.

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