Socionics Types: ILE-ENTp

Description of The ILE

Ego Block

Extroverted Intuition Ne

The ILE is typically a "big picture" kind of person, and tends to speak in generalizations about both people and things, omitting any details he deems mundane or uninteresting. He is acutely aware of what interests and what bores him. This leads him to always search for novelty and surprising things. At any given moment, the ILE usually has a number of projects and/or skills that he is working on developing, and stays with these interests as long as he feels they have potential for growth. The ILE gets bored easily with rote tasks that do involve lots of repetition and little innovation, although he tolerates them if they are necessary to succeed in society.

The ILE is a creative thinker, and enjoys discussing his often unusual perspectives with others. These will often be expressed through unique and strange (but effective) analogies.

The ILE is constantly aware of the possibilities inherent in social, natural or other systems, and of the areas with the greatest potential within them.

The ILE operates by using Extroverted Intuition to attune themselves to the multiple variables continually being expressed within the environment and proceeds to elucidate feasible connections and boundaries of context in order to change the way one perceives that which is operating below the surface of either everyday life or more dynamic technical arenas. To An ILE, the world is a vast network of stars with infinitely interchangeable constellations emerging from the open-ended framework. Extroverted Intuition as a leading function pushes with white-hot intensity the active rearranging of the lego-blocks of reality; not necessarily with any intention towards construction or creativity, but with the ultimate goal of introducing novelty and fresh perspectives. Combined with Introverted Thinking as a secondary function, Extroverted Intuition finds compatible yet more disciplined, objective thinking to harness its irrational, unruled nature into a potentially functional talent.

Introverted Logic Ti

ILEs are obsessed with how things work, and how they will work together. Understanding how something works is merely the baseline for the ILE. When the ILE finds something new or interesting he thinks about how it could be used in conjunction with other objects he has come into contact with in the past.

The ILE will freely voice comments on whether a rule (especially one imposed on him by society) makes sense to him. If it does not, he will break the rule or find a creative way of mocking it to express his dissent, rather than working within the system itself to change the rule. Unlike a Ti-leading type, he will often not replace the rule with one of his own.

The ILE is not afraid of discussing and arguing his views, and may appear to take them more seriously than he actually does. The ILE only makes use of structural frameworks if he can see some kind of intuitive relevance in them, e.g. to make sense of and solve a problem he is interested in. Thus his thoughts may often appear unstructured. Especially if his actions affect others, the ILE will make sure that they are logically consistent and fair.

Super-Ego Block

Extroverted Sensing Se

The ILE finds it difficult to get himself to do uninteresting, tedious work simply out of responsibility. If he has to, he will acutely feel his own lack of discipline. Thus the ILE is more comfortable when he has a flexible schedule and is free to pursue whatever seems most interesting to him at the moment.

The ILE is typically only able to sustain short periods of strenuous activity.

ILEs are uninterested in forcing people to do things, and are not keen on those who impose their will on others, so they do not take well to direct commands. They often detest authority exercised in this way, and will often challenge abuses of power. When backed into a corner by an aggressive Se, the often harmless appearing ILE will immediately rise to meet the threat and strike it down with carefully crafted ease. The impact the ILE has on society is usually through his understanding of how the world works rather than a position of material influence. For example, an ILE might rather advise a person in power than hold an official position of high authority. He will only take such a position if it is necessary (and if no one else will do so).

Introverted Ethics Fi

Unstable in maintaining psychological distance. May have trouble making clear attraction. Can hide their personal sentiments when pushed and avoids the public examination of their desires. ILE's tend to be unaware of how others view them relationship wise, unstable in levels of trust. View relationships skeptically unless legitimized. This can result in a mistrust of others and a general wariness regarding others' opinions of them, potentially causing irrational behaviors based on misconceptions in this area. They appreciate people who can reassure them of the status of a relationship.

Emotional responses to trauma will often manifest themselves several years later, triggered by things that seem to have little to do with the event responsible for the reaction e.g. abandonment issues surface after visiting a nursing home.

Super-Id Block

Introverted Sensing Si

ILEs need assistance with balancing their inner life and deriving enjoyment from all the things in life around them, and not just their mental activities. ILEs appreciate people with a solid sensory awareness that can help them feel a healthy sense of pleasure from their surroundings.

The ILE's focus on constantly chasing after new things often leaves him to neglect his physical and psychological well-being. He appreciates pleasant stimuli that help him to "turn off" his active mind for a little while and to find some kind of balance between the mental and physical. An ILE will commonly use some short burst of physical activity to take a break from his interests.

Extroverted Ethics Fe

Enjoy lively, animated and fun interaction with people, but tend to be unemotional when left on their own. However, he is not inclined to create this atmosphere himself but can create situations where there is a good chance that others will take the emotional initiative and create a fun and emotionally stimulating atmosphere. Failure at such attempts are met with dismay, which the individual either hides or reacts to with frustration and annoyance.

Id Block

Introverted Intuition Ni

While the ILE may seem entirely spontaneous to the observer, he will often plan extensively for the fallout of his ideas in order to rally the support of others and guide it towards actualization. As a by-product, most ILEs will view lectures about foresight and planning as irritating and unnecessary. There is no need to go over that which he has already considered, in the privacy of his own mind.

Additionally, with too much attention to consequences the ILE loses the thrill of discovery associated with his base function and finds it difficult to think outside of Ni's natural complement: Se. He prefers to think about immediate possibilities (Ne) and what can be done to materialize them (Ti) rather than to dwell on the outcome of what might or might not be.

Extroverted Logic Te

Though the ILE can demonstrate a head for practical or efficient reasoning, particularly in conjunction with the ignoring function Ni, he will typically resort to it only to sell the merits of his ideas. The ILE is more concerned with the possibility of creating than in finding the best way to do something.

When the demand exists, the ILE will deliver a practical and realistic rationale or solution, but be prepared for a tack that is singularly unorthodox. The ILE will not be boxed in by the rules of convention, rather he will actively search for a new way to perform a task. In this way, ILEs are often seen cutting corners. To others, this may be seen as snubbing the rules, and rightfully so, because the ILE dislikes the idea of a preset way of performing a task. It is counter-intuitive to their Ego. To the ILE, they are more likely playfully reinventing convention in order to show how their skills are best used or perhaps to prove that their manner of approaching the task surpasses that of Te-ego types in efficiency and practicality.

Intuitive subtype ENTp-Ne

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


Makes an impression of a detached, floating in the clouds, and childishly naïve person. Socially adept conversationalist. Reads much and is inquisitive. Willingly discusses new information with his friends and associates, shows interest in their opinion. His seemingly soft demeanor is combined with obstinacy and imperturbability when he has to defend his views. Likes to discuss things but rarely if ever ends these discussions in conflict. Often smiles at others even if they haven't provided any occasion for this. With the same smile talks about both ridiculous and serious subject matters. Usually he is kind with everyone and doesn't readily take offense at critical remarks. In his undertakings and projects he is patient, and, despite being somewhat forgetful and scattered, if he is really interested in something he will follow it through to completion. His gestures and speech seem either slowed down or accelerated. His pose seems at ease, gaze is scattered and defocused, gait and movements lack in certainty and firmness.


Interested in new, unusual or poorly understood phenomena. Curious. Usually reads a lot and has a wide circle of interests. Likes to surprise others with sensational news. Good at seeing potential prospects of various ideas and undertakings. If he is sufficiently provided for, prefers to occupy himself with that which is interesting instead of that which brings a return. Can get thoroughly engaged with one project or problem if for him it is interesting or beneficial.

Needs periodic emotional shake-ups. Feels delighted to have fun in a circle of friends. Loves those who are friendly, confident, optimistic, and can elevate the mood with provocative humor. Poorly sees how people relate to him. Afraid to show his feelings first and doubts them for a long time. Dislikes rushing things. Due to this, may manifest initiative with much delay, when the opportunity is already gone. Does not hurry with the implementation of plans or ideas, because he believes that the main results are still ahead. Occasionally suffers from disorganization, lack of will and initiative. At times he will rush his work, attempting to make up for lost time. Resourceful and inventive in difficult situations. When at rest, shows little initiative, unless he is faced with a crisis situation, which stimulates him and increases his vitality. Then he begins to actively engage in work, he promptly carries out his assignments not sparing time or resources. Dislikes routine and any regimented, monotonous work. Cannot live by a strict schedule.

His character combines qualities of kindness, idealism, and trusting nature. Because of his innate impracticality and gullibility, he can be easily fooled. A sense of justice and faith in the best qualities are inherent to him, so he finds it difficult to come to a realization of such let-downs. Rarely gives compliments but is usually well-wishing towards other people, tries to understand their wishes and needs, to be helpful to all. Gladly gives advice on how to get out of difficult situations. Avoids disagreements and conflicts. Supports good, friendly relations. If necessary, attempts to explain the reasons for his mistakes and unethical actions.

Not vain. Defends his own interests with less vigor than the interests of those whom he cares for, although sometimes he can become principled and unyielding in matters that are of importance to him. Not always responsible and can promise that which he isn't able to deliver. Knowing this, he sometimes resorts to never giving promises to anyone not to spoil his relations.

Reluctantly deals with everyday life, yielding initiative to others over such matters. In issues that concern aesthetics often relies on tastes of his partner. Quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets what he needs to do. Getting distracted by the little things, sometimes runs out of time to meet important deadlines. Having to live by a schedule and constantly maintain order feels like a burden for him.

Description by Victor Gulenko

They differ in their excellent sense of novelty. They frequently become the originator of many inventions and discoveries. Unsurpassed generator of ideas. In their suggestions they is very daring. However, they easily drop a project if they are bored with it and they then feel drawn to a new, more captivating project. Capable of working well in business. Dynamic, talks rapidly, with many gestures. Frequently of stocky built, courageous appearance, whiskers (if a man). Great significance is attached to external appearance.

Sexual behavior

May appear sluggish but will respond reasonably and affectionately when assured of reciprocity. Loves prolonged preparations and therefore not inclined to hurry. Aim for new impressions and reacts diplomatically to avoid conflicts. Sexual interest tends to bear a periodic nature. With them it is necessary to show tolerance, modesty and restraint. They must firstly be provided with respect and confidence, in regards to their feelings, and then they will easily show initiative and enjoyment. Power in self-improvement is a source of happiness and pleasure.

Logical subtype ENTp-Ti

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The logical subtype projects an impression of a serious person. Can be sharp and even inconsiderate from time to time. Self-assured, speaks rapidly and usually in a categorical tone. Can be unduly categorical in his judgments with a tendency of imposing his opinion on others. At times appears assertive and self-confident. Impatient, cannot always wait for someone else to finish before interrupting. Often takes up something new and tries to find it a practical embodiment. Actively and vigorously defends his interests. While doing so, he may flare up and offend someone, but noticing this tries to correct the situation. Rather self-centered and may take offense at minor things, however, after some time he once again becomes well-wishing and amicable. His behavior is unpredictable and full of contrasts. His gaze is at times scattered and at other times testing and tenacious. Gait and gestures are swinging, seem confident but poorly coordinated. His pose is free and unrestrained. Easily closes the distance, may hug and kiss his conversation partner.


Loves to expose everything to logical analysis. May be engaged in theoretical development if it has the potential of being implemented into practice. Critically thinks over old theories and methods and is able to create qualitatively new ones. Can turn vague ideas into well designed, easy to implement, concrete projects. Can feel potential and future prospects, has a good marketing sense. Quickly loses interest in what has been done. Due to this can scatter himself and not finish everything that he has started, unless it concerns something that is important and fundamental for him. Often completely changes his types of activity and plunges into something new. Avidly engages in projects and opportunities that cannot be fully exhausted. Has an inclination to impose his views on others. In cases when he has been proven wrong, it is difficult for him to admit it. Does not succumb to intimidation. He can issue a challenge to a superior opponent even without any actual chances of success. In arguments and discussions he is excitable and often hot tempered. When he is put under pressure he boldly and aggressively fights back. When there is panic, he calmly and confidently takes the initiative in his hands, becomes focused and decisive, acts quickly and logically. Can find a way out of any difficult situation.

Active and energetic. Savvy in strategic questions and enterprising. Readily attracts people to new undertakings if he considers them promising. He is constantly on the lookout for new approaches and solutions to the present problems. Doesn't stop on what has been accomplished. Suggests radical solutions. Ambitious. If necessary can be tough and assertive. Does not like to compromise. As a leader prefers that everyone would be in their places occupied by their work. Encourages people around him to activity, teamwork, and cohesion. Democratic by nature, tries to be the first among equals. Not inclined to show respect for ranks and conformity. Easily switches to a more familiar language in his conversations with others. Shows his positive predisposition by a handshake and a friendly smile. Tries to be fair to all but is not afraid to say the truth directly. Wants to be respected. Can be unrestrained in arguments and disputes. Tries to distance himself from imposing people who want to use him to their advantage.

From time to time needs to spend time in a good company or engage in other activities (sports or hobbies) in order to raise his vitality and spirits. Likes to make useful contacts. Since he is not always a good judge of character, sometimes keeps questionable acquaintances. As a consequence of this, he is inclined to periodically become disillusioned with people. Has difficulties creating positive, stable relationships, but despite being scattered he usually tries to keep his promises.

Mistrustful of feelings. Afraid to show how he feels being uncertain in subsequent reaction of his partner. Painfully experiences uncertainty in relationships. If he believes the reciprocity is there, he will honestly speak of his shortcomings because he is afraid of letting down the hopes and expectations of his partner and well as being let down himself. Afraid of becoming dependent on his partner. Often puts work interests above personal attachments. Any reproaches or criticisms irritate him. Can vehemently and sharply defend his independence and point of view, but later regrets it and tries to smooth things over if he cares for the person.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Self-centred and pensive. Their ideas do not have direct connection with reality, for example philosophy, religion, bioenergetics etc. Their favourite occupation is comparing different logical systems. A type of office scientist. A very slim figure is characteristic for them. Angular in their movements, does not pay attention to external appearance, worry little about their health.

Sexual behavior

Are somewhat distrustful of feelings, they will only show their own slowly and with time. When they are confident in love are initiative taking, affectionate, and take care to satisfy their partner; always improving sexual techniques. They need a decisive, emotional and sexual partner, capable of quickly convincing them of their feelings and providing reciprocity. It is necessary to make use of constant emotional stimuli: joke, coquetry, jealousy.

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