ILI (INTp) Subtypes

ILI-Ni: The INTp Intuitive Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The intuitive subtype seems balanced, calm, even lagging. Possess well-developed figurative and associative thinking. Reads a lot and is given to contemplation and reflection. Likes to converse at length, narrating something on various subjects or retelling something which he has previously read. In conversation he is usually tactful, polite, somewhat reserved, tries to avoid being overly direct and critical. Frequently he feels suppressed and dissatisfied by something – either by his state of health, or by being in poor spirits, or due to some other cause. He rarely discusses his problems with others, hold himself somewhat at a distance. Internally he is rather timid, contradictory, and vulnerable, although he tries not to show this. His movements are fluid and unhurried. Sometimes his figure is tall and lanky, other times - proportional, but he always seems calm and filled with a sense of his own value. His gait and movements are smooth, may be somewhat swinging and wavering.


Possesses well-developed imagination and creative faculties. Inclined to contemplation and passive life of an observer. Often lacks in determination and confidence in himself. In his soul he is an idealist who envisions a beautiful, harmonious, and prosperous life, but is quite passive in finding the means to achieve it. Internally contradictory, critical and distrusting, though doesn't always show this. Subject to frequent doubts and fluctuations. Through his strong intuition he is able to predict the outcome of any undertaking or behavior of a person in any given situation. Often gives advice to exercise caution to avoid unpleasant surprises and troubles.

Appreciates old, time-tested truths. Feels susceptible to the fluctuations of life thus he tries to foresee everything; for example, before a trip he thinks over all the details and brings with him everything that may become necessary. Prone to remembering his failures and mishaps for a long time. Frequently falls into melancholy due to excessive pessimism. Though he is often endowed with a fertile imagination and loves new experiences, in reality he gravitates towards stability, safety and security. When he feels too bogged down by the monotony, he gladly takes on traveling.

Farsighted and prudent in the acquisition of new things or changing his way of life. He rarely rushes the course of events and may delay and postpone making important decisions. Thinks through everything in advance. Dislikes activities and undertakings that are risky and require improvisations. Careful, cautious and indecisive in new endeavors. Person of habit. Dislikes unpleasant surprises.

Typically leads a somewhat reversed style of life and has a small circle of friends. Rarely takes the initiative in interaction himself, doesn't want to seem intrusive. Stable in his affections. Feels uncomfortable in new company of people. Polite and easy in communication, but dislikes familiarity and boisterous displays of emotion. Considers excessive emotions just like any other extreme to be objectionable and unneeded and calls on others to be calm and reasonable. Loyal, typically tolerant of people and forgiving of their shortcomings. Shows magnanimity and generosity towards others in difficult situations. Aware of his obligations and does not promise anything if he is not sure that he will be able to deliver it.

Values conveniences and comfort. Can work at a measured and constant pace to provide for a comfortable and prosperous life. If he is drawn to creative work, can become a tireless researcher. Whether he is engaged in his work or domestic chores, he is thorough, conscientious, and carries out his tasks to completion even if he doesn't make it by the deadlines. Demanding of himself, can force himself to do work that is unpleasant and uninteresting but necessary. Finds it difficult to pressure and persuade anyone into anything - prefers reaching an agreement on mutually beneficial terms. However, sometimes he becomes very stubborn and intractable, especially if he sees that a person acts without taking into account his advice or interests.

Tries to look after his appearance and health, keep himself neat and clean, and dress tastefully. Rarely allows for bright color combinations and decorations, as well as any other excesses.

Has difficulty maintaining an inner balance due to heightened sensitivity and vulnerability. Due to his inability to control his moods and to switch his attention to something else, sometimes he is excessively fault-finding and cantankerous and other times too kind and accommodating. His emotions transfer to others. Knowing this, he prefers to spend time in solitude when he is in a poor mood, so as not to regret later something said or done in the heat of the moment. In a good mood, he is a charming and pleasant companion who with his attentiveness and sensitivity predisposes toward trust and willingly shares his advice.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Ascetic, grumbling, loves to emphasize deficiencies, searches for opponents. Criticizes sometimes with a dose of biliousness. Frequently have a very slim figure; they can provoke conflicts and actions, including commercial ones. Possesses large erudition and memory, frequently gets stuck in details. A scientist and theorist that makes fundamental developments and who also has an eye for social-economic tendencies. Using analogies, frequently they can predict the development of an ongoing process. Outwardly slovenly and negligent. Little regard to their health.

Sexual behavior

Internally wounded and inclined to doubts and fluctuations. Lenient towards strange weaknesses and rarely loses control of themselves. Aim for calm, harmonious relations. Erotically act somewhat unsure, over-anxious and careful. Need prolonged care or sexual preparation; may somewhat “torment” their object of affection in order to achieve greater emotional incandescence. Require understanding and respect. Need an optimistic and diplomatic partner, who knows how to persuade and is capable of scattering self-doubts. Tendency to await initiative from others; this may lead to misunderstandings if their partner is not inclined to take initiative.

ILI-Te: The INTp Logical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The logical subtype makes an impression of a self-confident, sober-minded, rational person. Most often he is courteous, demonstrates a critical turn of mind and possesses a sense of humor. He smiles frequently but his smile seems somewhat monotonous and set. He tries to be polite, therefore doesn't always voice all of his thoughts and observations. Likes to subject things to analysis. Sometimes he seems haughty and derisive. Skeptical, ironic, and mistrustful. Trusts more in figures and facts than in hastily drawn conclusions. A good rationalizer; he is able to discern the main points and avoid engaging in tasks and projects that are futile in his opinion. Most often his figure is heavy-set and pycnic. His gait is usually quick, movements are purposeful and resolute. May actively gesticulate while speaking. Appears somewhat gusty and impulsive, but usually holds himself with integrity and calm dignity.


Quickly assesses a situation or a new project from the point of view of its feasibility and practicality. Likes realistic goals, while the methods of achieving them he finds himself or through intermediaries. Inclined to make rational actions. Takes note of all the details of the case presented to him, emphasizing main ones and brushing unimportant ones aside. Is able to extract maximum returns while applying minimum of effort. Capable of making accurate economic and political predictions. Encourages people to be active, but also warns against any activities that are useless in his opinion. Notices all the contradictions and imperfections of his surrounding world. Due to a developed sense of skepticism it is difficult for him to properly assess the potential of new ventures and people's abilities. While calling for prudence, he can cool any excessive enthusiasm with subtle irony.

Possesses organizational skills. Tries to be able in his affairs and knowledgeable over a variety of issues. Appreciative of quality work and high qualifications. Has an interest in laws and regulations, collects necessary and interesting information. It's hard to reconvince him in an argument because he often proves his point of view supplying factual information. Sufficiently stubborn, does not yield to direct pressure.

May have a wide circle of professional or business acquaintances, but rarely becomes truly close with anyone. Fearing becoming dependent on someone tries to appear self-sufficient and confident in himself. Despite this, he is often in need of moral support. Likes people who with their optimism can instill confidence in success. Critically perceives the shortcomings of others. Sometimes cannot withhold himself from making a critical remark, due to which it is difficult for him to maintain smooth relations with others.

Internally emotional, but tries to be self-sustained. Dislikes falling to extremes, but if his principles are violated he may flare up. Usually restrained in expression of his feelings, dislikes making compliments, considers that it's more sincere to talk of shortcomings. In this case, with his straightforwardness may not spare another's self-esteem. Poorly tolerates discomfort, both external and internal, and therefore tries to smooth out a bad impression left by something he has said.

Thrifty, economical and practical. Dislikes excesses, can suffice with less. Skillfully handles objects and finances. Good with handling his documentation. Shows creativity in handling practical matters. Can adapt and extract use from things that to others seem to have outlived their use. Modest in his appearance and in everyday life. Feels awkward claiming for himself any material privileges or rewards. Does not attribute much value to accessories, but feels insecure if his appearance does not match the tastes of his society. Rather passive when resting. Due to weak self-discipline and certain measure of inertia he underestimates the role of a healthy lifestyle, due to which his health may suffer.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Practical and operational, they dislike any useless activity. They try to extract benefit from everything, does not allow industrial wastes - everything must be reasonably used. Loves company, friends, a good table. A sense of humour is well developed. Knows how to get along with those around him. They are outwardly elegant, sociable; however, sometimes of a weakened constitution.

Sexual behavior

Most of all they value activity, resoluteness and enterprise. Reasonable, reliable and constant in their feelings. Give great significance to material wealth, economic management, order and sincere comfort. Give freedoms to partner but does not appreciate extremes and will try to stabilize relations. Enjoy emotional preparation and different sexual techniques. Need a partner who encourages their private ventures; a volitional practical person who strengthens the family/household’s welfare. Relations constructed on the basis of reasonable compromises are possible with such a partner.

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