Socionics Types: LSE-ESTj

Description of The LSE

Ego Block

Extroverted Logic Te

LSEs are essentially pragmatic and hands-on individuals. They often focus directly on the task in front of them and can perform detailed and tireless work. They are usually solution-oriented and have a natural propensity to proactively engage others on a common project. They are naturally proactive and can without difficulty take charge of a project to ensure that their brand of detailed and high-quality work is implemented. They may become restless when they have no work to focus themselves on.

LSEs typically have a formal, straightforward, and businesslike communication style. They can expend a great deal of effort speaking of work-related or practically-minded topics. They may freely engage in discussions about current news events, health information, sports, comparisons of products and services, or a myriad of other readily available topics. LSEs may seek to disseminate comprehensive and accurate factual information to others and value the information they garner from others as well. They may see themselves as teachers or guides to a world of facts and practical methods, and can provide a thorough, comprehensive, and interactively didactic treatment of their topics of expertise or interest. Their factual and eminently realistic mode of conversation can come across as overly dry, dull, and mundane to less pragmatic and grounded individuals.

LSEs often develop a host of practical knowledge. It is not uncommon to see LSEs who are adept craftsmen and enjoy working with their hands, and they may as a matter of course accumulate information about practical tasks. LSEs may know about home or automobile maintenance, finance management, shop skills, or a wide variety of other topics.

Like LIEs, LSEs often have a desire to apply their work to some social cause, and commonly have a great deal of respect for and place great importance in the formal institutions of the society around them. They may believe that a society (whether large or small) should play an active role in taking care of its members. If SLIs in spirit would not mind dispensing with modern society and going to live in the woods, LSEs are more likely to work with others through public channels, to rely on public instutitions, and to feel the need for social stability in their lives.

Introverted Sensing Si

LSEs value safety, comfort, leisure, aesthetics, and a peaceable environment. They often place a great deal of importance on free time, commodious surroundings, and familial well-being. They often enjoy recreation with a physical element, including hiking, sports, etc. They often dress comfortably and inextravagantly, maintain a moderate focus on cleanliness, and seek to create a pleasant and functional environment. They may expend a large amount of their energy and focus to this end; their productive goals differ somewhat in this respect from those of LIEs, who often consider attention devoted to their surrounding environment somewhat wasteful.

LSEs usually exhibit a tendency to adhere to their own internal demands. Many LSEs recognize their leisure time as essential to their overall well-being, and may exhibit a need to fulfill certain internal obligations before other tasks are undertaken. They may eschew the methodology of others and rely on their own experience and knowledge to guide them. They may avoid implementing the work of others if it conflicts with their own needs for leisure and comfort. They may fall into routines to around which organize their work and lifestyle, and can resist deviation from these routines even when they are ineffectual.

Additionally, LSEs may seek to ensure the physical and overall well-being of their family members and loved ones, and naturally fit in to a "caregiver" role where their initiative and attentiveness to the needs of others are welcomed.

Super-Ego Block

Extroverted Ethics Fe

LSEs can be somewhat apt at noticing and contributing to the emotional atmosphere of a situation. They can be cordial and welcoming, especially in familiar environments. Many LSEs also have a jovial sense of humor.

However, attention to emotional surroundings often does not come instinctively to LSEs, who usually hold a naturally composed and orderly demeanor and do not tend to become highly animated. Their more businesslike attitude tends to predominate in many situations, and their formal style may appear somewhat naive and out of place in contexts where free emotional expression is encouraged, such as raucous parties or conversations involving gossip; LSEs may feel uneasy and uncertain interacting in these situations as well.

LSEs are often not deeply aware of their emotional reactions towards others and consequently their emotional expressions and responses tend to be subdued and contained.

Introverted Intuition Ni

LSEs are usually concerned with the situation immediately in front of them, and with their personal experiences. They usually focus their productive efforts towards matters that they can personally see, hear, feel, or experience, rather than on pursuing speculative or theoretical ideas. Many LSEs concern themselves only with what they can experience or control, and do not always attempt to expend undue energy to understand what is extraneous to their experience. Being grounded in the concreteness of reality, most LSEs are not deeply aware of fantasy, mysticism, symbolism, or any otherworldly esoterics. For this reason, they may be perceived as dry and unimaginative.

LSEs may be minimally adaptive to previously unforeseen consequences. They may attempt to plan and organize their schedules in advance in order to avoid any uncertainty, and they may avoid digressing from these schedules even when they are impractical. Ever proactive, they may commit themselves to too many obligations and responsibilities. They often feel as though there is not enough time to get everything done on their itinerary, but they may simultaneously have difficulty prioritizing their tasks, as they are all perceived as important. As a consequence, they may leave work unfinished.

LSEs internal mental worlds are often neglected. They are generally disinclined towards personal and existential reflection. They are focused on what is in front of them and might regard extensive philosophizing as confusing and secondary to their experience. They tend to be perpetually in motion, and may feel restless, dejected, and unproductive if forced to suspend their activities.

Super-Id Block

Introverted Ethics Fi

LSEs are chronically uncertain about the nature and standing of their relationships with others. They are often highly out of touch with their internal feelings and are unsure of their abilities at reading the emotional dispositions of those around them. They may take the initiative and engage others, but if they do not observe any emotional reciprocity they may question the appropriateness of their actions and feelings. They require strength of emotional reciprocity, stability, and moral support from others.

LSEs tend applying towards their ever-proactive approach to life to the sphere of interpersonal relations; however, their direct, blunt style may appear tactless and overly formal to their interlocutors. They may verbalize their emotional uncertainty, often behaving in an overly apologetic fashion, wondering aloud why others do not respond to their attempts to engage them. Although LSEs may be social and have many acquaintances, they are cautious about building closer friendships. Their social activities are often an extension of their productive or leisure activities; they tend to build friendships by doing useful work or projects together, rather than by depth of emotional exchange. LSEs unconsciously expect the other person in working situations to initiate emotional intimacy.

LSEs seek to ensure that their interactions with others be orderly, friendly, and harmonious. Family and communitarian values often predominate in LSEs, and they may go to great lengths to make sure that the needs of these close friends or loved ones are met.

Extroverted Intuition Ne

LSEs are often not highly imaginative. They may have difficulty determining the personal qualities or potential abilities of others around them, and may be sometimes inclined to exhibit a rather naive trust of others whom they come across. They may also have difficulty generating novel or innovative concepts, though in the realm of productive work, they may make up for their lack of imaginative or conceptual innovation by hands-on labor and sheer tirelessness.

LSEs often try to concentrate on the possible outcomes of a situation, but they tend to have difficulty generating cause-and-effect explanations for events that transpire around them, especially in the sphere of personal relations. Often the suggestions that LSEs offer seem lacking and poorly developed; they may ask others for feedback and possible explanations and appreciate substantial responses.

LSEs in more informal situations can sometimes come across as zany, lively, and somewhat goofy. LSEs' sense of silliness often derives from their socially engaging and cordial qualities; however, their ebullience masks an underlying sense of sober responsibility, and enthusiasm about fantastic interests are usually supplemented with large amounts of experiential wisdom and factual knowledge.

Id Block

Introverted Logic Ti

LSEs are pragmatists and realists. They are generally focused on the accomplishment of productive tasks in the world outside of themselves, and give little thought to whether their approaches to these problems are systemically consistent. They prefer to measure what their actions are accomplishing in practice. They often have little interest in theoretical topics or logical abstractions.

Extroverted Sensing Se

LSEs typically are docile and friendly individuals. They are almost entirely unconcerned with ostentatious displays of power politics or obedience. They typically try to treat everyone respectfully and create a commodious, welcoming atmosphere. They may apologize when they perceive that they have displayed excessive crudeness, though usually they have not. Occasionally LSEs may express confrontational tendencies. As a rule, however, this occurs when LSEs ability to perform useful work has been limited. LSEs are minimally motivated by adrenal or energetic impulses; instead, they try to maintain a stable and organized approach to anything.

LSE-Te: The ESTj Logical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

The logical subtype is efficient, correct, dry in dialogue, has a strict appearance and is unapproachable. They’re serious and restrained, not inclined to jokes. Usually laconic, but when angry, are difficult to calm down. Are direct in their behaviour and conversation, their sharpness in judgment often leads to ethical dilemmas. Prone also to other extreme measures of emotional expression: i.e. they will keep silent in order to avoid dialogue and compile insults for use at a later time. Uncompromising and stubborn. Sometimes try to gain the interlocutor’s intimacy through heart-felt intonations in voice, Often a mistrustful hypochondriac; they do not enjoy speaking of feelings. Prefer to remain engaged in something useful until it is completed. Are constantly strained(intense) and it is difficult for them to relax; are subject to unexpected fits of anger.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Attempts to combine the entire cycle of production in their hands. A good worker, does not tolerate incompetence, is well educated in their area of competence. Very operational, sometimes wear themselves out with work. Consider that only thus can they require the same from others. Can be sharp in judgments. Usually formulates tasks very clearly. In the sphere of production attains the responsibility for a product, love to admire what they have made, and emphasize the advantage of their goods. Works well under the conditions of a stable market - in transportation, in the army. Clothing is conservative; for them, the main things are cleanliness, order and functionality.

Sexual behavior

Proud and restrained; are not inclined to doubts about feelings. Reliable and will not pardon treason. Artless and persistent in relations, are erotically straight-line/simple. Disdains uncertainty, coquetry, verbal expressions of feelings and frivolous behavior. Place matters above emotions and capably demonstrates coldness; therefore needs a patient, self-possessed partner, someone reasonable, kind, economic, industrious, and loving of humankind.

LSE-Si: The ESTj Sensory Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

The sensory subtype is characterized by a differentiation between their internal stability and working capacity. Internally unstable, they are likewise extremely vigorous and cannot relax without business affairs as they do not like wasting time in vain. Interested in new technologies within the professional sphere and able to adapt these to serve their needs. Possess a sense of humor. Their speech is abrupt and emotional; their smile is somewhat tense. Pulls together distance in dialogue through hospitable, friendly gestures – embraces and light touches. Briskly conducts conversation and/or jokes. An aesthete with a taste for gourmet, they love original dishes and beautiful, expensive objects of quality. Are able to relieve pressures by sitting at a table with friends but rarely allow themselves the rest to themselves that they need. Have a tendency to corpulence, their movements are gusty, sharp, quick and impulsive; often embody a restless demeanor.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Feels at home in the intermediate fields of production – in trade or management. Is less inquisitive than the logical subtype; Is very sociable, emotional, gregarious. Frequently hospitable; loves comfort and cosiness, and likes to spend leisure time in nature. Easily manages the responsibilities of a technical director or manager.

Sexual behavior

Internally sentimental but speak about feelings in witty/joking form. Touchy, jealous and distrustful, are prone to exaggerations; emotional and energetic. Erotically are initiative taking and sexual. Greatly value pleasant sensations of any kind: tasty food, comfort, convenience, aesthetics, good manners; show diplomacy in their social interaction. They value friendship and love and are always prepared to help when needed. Require a moderately coquettish, romantic partner, whom willingly responds to their erotic initiatives; someone modest, reliable, restrained and emotionally diverse.

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