Socionics Types: SEE-ESFp

Description of The SEE

Ego Block

Extroverted Sensing Se

SEEs are active, energetic, and assiduous individuals who try to apply their energy and initiative to worldly tasks. They may often be natural leaders who do not hesitate to take the initiative in any endeavor, and possess the ability to motivate others into levels of greater activity and determination. They may, even moreso than SLEs, adopt a strategy of solving problems through sheer force of will rather than depth of strategy or insight. SEEs may have an unerringly proactive, real-world focus; their ambitions are usually centered around furthering some real world cause or doing some good in society rather than compulsive power-seeking. They can be shrewd, tactful, and sensitive negotiators and often apply their energy to the arena of persuading, activating, and motivating others.

SEEs are typically extroverts in every sense of the word. They are socially spontaneous, hyperactive, engaging, and enthusiastic. They may be predominantly oriented towards parties or other social gatherings, and may frequently and compulsively seek out new acquaintances, stimuli, or experiences. They often seek to augment the depth or intensity of their involvement in any affair -- including but not limited to exerting their emotional and physical energy. They may periodically seek out new stories, gadgets, media, or other things to obsess themselves over. Often they direct their energies to the sphere of social relations, in which they can exhibit a sense of obsessive attachment, intimacy, or closeness with others, sometimes leading contacts to feel smothered or uncomfortable due to a lack of emotional space. They may go about developing close relationships with a variety of acquaintances, effectively developing widespread social networks with a wide range of close contacts.

SEE are sensitive to the physical stimuli around them and may seek to overload themselves with the experience of the moment. They may tend towards materialistic lifestyles, sporting large collections of various kinds of gadgets or media. They adapt quickly to the changing needs of their environment and may shift quickly from hedonistic indolence to a state of vigor and vitality. They can often appear to act in a sudden, impulsive, uncontrolled, and confused fashion.

Introverted Ethics Fi

SEEs are often highly in tune with their emotional responses towards other people, groups, or ideas, and often may be inclined to act on their emotional reactions with minimal restraint. They tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves, and leave little doubt in the minds of others as to the nature of their emotional reactions towards almost anything. Their wide range of emotional responses, though often turbulent, may carry extraordinary weight and meaning to them, and they often deeply value their friendships and connections. They often tend to seek to expand their network of associates, getting to better know and deeply connect with new acquaintances. They may naturally take action in a decisive, morally principled fashion, though such actions tend to extemporaneous; they tend to be compulsive and uncontrolled, and others may perceive them as well-intentioned but erratic and unconscientious.

SEEs may be quite faithful and allegiant to those they are close to; however, their relations and emotional reactions towards others may be volatile and lubricious. Though they often aspire to treat everyone with whom they interact in a convivial manner, they may exhibit strong (and often variable) dislike of certain individuals. They may maintain an internal network of certain individuals whom they regard as friends, and others who they regard as jerks or otherwise with some antagonism. They often have little conception of the history of their emotional reactions towards others; they may be inimical and perncious one day, while incognizant of the conflict on the next.

In any relationship, SEEs feel more comfortable if they perceive themselves, and are perceived by others, as the "leader" in the relationship, as long as the "leadership" is freely and gladly acknowledged by the other parties, rather than grudgingly accepted.

Super-Ego Block

Extroverted Intuition Ne

SEEs can be accomplished at offering perceptive potential explanations for the things going on around them. They are capable of generating novel conceptual structures and comparisons. They may make an effort to appear to have a handle on understanding and developing possibilities or potential mechanisms to apply to their environment, but in general they may tend to find such thinking tedious of minimal use in interpreting the actual effects of their actions in the real world.

As a lifestyle matter, SEEs are often oriented towards productive activity; they can be often impatient with abstract explanations or ideas, and they usually prefer tangible accounts of worldly affairs, and information that they can use and apply. They may prefer to work in real-world contexts or on projects that are subject to their influence, as opposed to trying to effectuate overly intangible ideas. They are more interested in identifying and understanding the processes around them and consequences of their actions than having to understand the underlying abstract conceptual framework. They may also be oriented towards thinking about longer term plans as opposed to evaluating extemporaneous or random experiences or information.

SEEs may find it difficult to consciously process ambiguity, uncertainty, or potentiality. When working on their goals, they may prefer to deal with any problems as they arise, rather than preparing for specific possible outcomes, of which they may have difficulty keeping track. They may sometimes become irrational or distressed if others around them become unpredictable or erratic, or if their environment becomes unresponsive to their pressuring influence.

SEEs are aware that there is often more to a person than meets the eye at first, and try to keep that in mind; yet their inclination is to trust more what their own experiences of that person have told them, especially when evaluating their capacity for work and assertiveness.

Introverted Logic Ti

SEEs generally exhibit chaotic and uncontrolled lifestyles. They are motivated by their impulses and momentary feelings, and may have difficulty carrying themselves to fulfill day-to-day obligations and responsibilities. To the extent that their external obligations permit it, they tend to be habitually unstructured and vagarious. They do not engage in systematic decision-making and may instead base their behaviors on whimsical desires. They avoid restricting or regimenting their lifestyles based on rational or "common sense" behaviors and can resist attempts to bring order and stability to their lives.

They may have difficulty following externally imposed rules on their behavior, and may automatically resist being told what to do in matters pertaining to their lifestyle. They may have difficulty adapting their naturally impetuous lifestyle to some situations. Convincing them to change their ways is a gradual, tiresome and often thankless process, best accomplished by persons whose judgment they trust fully.

SEEs are often inclined to disregard what they see as petty rules and procedures, especially if those require a high investment of time and concentration in order to be understood and implemented, while blocking the SEEs from achieving their goals. If they are suddenly stopped in their tracks by external forces because of a previous disregard for such rules, they can lash out in frustration and impatience, while feeling helpless and angry at having been so sidetracked.

Super-Id Block

Introverted Intuition Ni

SEEs often have rapid-fire and uncontrolled thinking processes. They are not naturally reflective or contemplative of what they experience, and may regularly fail to consider the consequences or implications of their actions. They may have difficulty concentrating on their mental trains of thought and tend to be inclined to make hasty and impassioned conclusions about the state of their affairs. They can exhibit a tendency to conceptualize their world in overly simplistic terms, without recognizing the degree of intricacy and complexity of the situations around them. In general, they welcome the perspectives of others who can reason with a slower thinking process and help them to carefully mentalize the world around them.

SEEs often lack caution and reserve. Their strategy towards solving problems may involve persuasion and brute force; their natural response to opposition or obstacle is to display further aggression or resistance, including in instances where such resistance is not necessarily appropriate. They may be distraught, tempestuous, and highly emotionally turbulent when their strategy fails. Because of their manic instability, they can exhibit accusatory or antagonistic tendencies towards others; some SEEs fall into a cycle of ruining their relationships or vocational prospects in this way.

SEEs are naturally attracted to individuals who seem knowledgeable and secure as to how events will develop from a given starting point, giving them a more strategic perspective to their own more instinctive tactical approach. They are inclined to make impulsive decisions, based on immediate and short-term considerations, which the SEEs nevertheless hopes will have a positive result in the context of their long-term goals. They expect assistance from others in that regard, and are disappointed if they do not receive it.

SEEs can be insecure about the negative consequences of their actions. They may tend to instinctively suppress and avoid thinking of the negative or painful aspects of their history that their recklessness may have caused. They may lack a calming or guiding influence in their lives, and sometimes attempt compulsively seek out individuals or environments that they feel can unshroud mysteries to resolve their internal chaos.

Extroverted Logic Te

SEEs are often industrious and can in working situations expend large amounts of effort towards their goals. They may be constantly take proactive action and seek out new information on their topics of interest. They may tend to flaunt the information they gather and may sometimes assume that the knowledge they have accumulated is infallible. They also may jump into attacking a problem with minimal preparation and may in some circumstances fail to acknowledge the futility of their proactive expenditures.

SEEs often seek out conceptual clarity from others, and may tend to expect others to assist them in accumulating and making sense of the world around them. They may come to be good at mining new information, but they often lack confidence in their ability to collect pertinent information and navigate the outside world with it in mind, especially on unfamiliar topics. They tend to be especially unskilled at analyzing new factual information in an appropriate context. Typically, SEEs feel that it is more important to apply information than to gather and extend it, and they may push what they know to make a concrete impact on others around them. They depend on the guidance of others to forge and refine the applications of their industries.

Id Block

Introverted Sensing Si

SEEs can be concerned with their internal physical state and with matters such as aesthetics and internal comfort. They may be seen as lazy or hedonistic, and inclined to maintain commodious, warm surroundings. However, when the situation requires, most SEEs will readily toss aside such aspects and quickly mobilize for action. They often want to experience and see everything around them, and place little restriction on what they allow themselves to do. They may push themselves physically, emphasizing productivity and vitality over relaxation. Conversely, SEEs face no difficulty when undertaking activities that require focused attention on small details of their surroundings; yet they are as likely to overlook such details when those are unimportant for the goals they are pursuing at the moment.

SEEs tend to be materialistic, emphasizing their material comforts and personal successes over physical comfort and internal physical stability.

Extroverted Ethics Fe

SEEs are generally adept at reading, reacting to, and often feeding off of the immediate emotional environment. However, they usually do not consider it very important to generate an emotional ambience and do not take on the responsibility upon themselves for fostering an emotional atmosphere when interacting with others. They might find extensive maintenance of a particular mood or group affect tiresome and superficial; instead, they tend towards focusing primarily on the emotional connections of their relationships with other individuals.

They may be inclined to read into others emotional expressions, body languages, and other cues -- however, attempts to do so are often a result of SEEs' unbridled emotional tumult and corresponding fears, and more often represent an attempt to discern one's internal state of mind. SEEs' can be drawn to those individuals who are quiet and inexpressive, yet faithful, understanding, and connected internally to their own emotional experiences.

SEE-Se: The ESFp Sensory Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

The sensory subtype resembles an emotional, gusty and nervous person. Behind their anxiety and sincere discomfort the constant thirst for vigorous activity appears. Undertakes too much and thus wastes much energy in vain. Despite their efforts to be diplomatic, they often seem critical and categorical. Sometimes indignant but nonetheless does not forget to give compliments. While on one hand they are able to look down on the interlocutor and touch him/her with their prickly jokes; on the other hand can be very kind and willing to prove their kind nature if necessary. Possess good artistic abilities with which they amuse visitors. Usually thin and conscious of figure, periodically playing sports. Eyes are often small or deeply planted. Gestures display impatience and movements are nervous, gusty. Often change their pose; their gait appears weakened/shaky; speech tends to be either muffled or rapid.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Very active, energetic, enterprising. Adventurous, loves competitions and risks, loves playing with the law. If they feel defeated they tend to give up. Is one of the most unpredictable types. Works well in the intermediate trade structures, but not in production. A sharp change in mood is characteristic for them: if something is good for me, then everyone should be happy; if something is bad for me, then let the rest suffer too. Can exert powerful emotional pressure. A good executive and works well in the service industry, for example as a waiter; a good actor (but only in the easy genres like comedy or operetta). Easily manipulates relationships; able to attract people who do not yet know him. Is emotionally unstable; therefore is frequently unsociable (may provoke something and in the case of failure - rapidly retreat into the shadows).

Sexual behavior

Often contradictory in behaviour: appear energetic, then affectionate, courteous and diplomatic; express emotions eloquently in gestures and behaviour, however, they remain characterized by unpredictable reactions. They are particularly impatient, aim for the physical realization of their emotions. Encouraging, but remain a little indeterminate in their desires. Are erotically inventive, touchy, wounded and capricious. They value concern, kindness and time. Their search for an ideal can continue for long periods. Need a wise, patient, yielding person, who knows how to pardon them while remaining moderately critical.

SEE-Fi: The ESFp Ethical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

The active, mobile person. Willingly moves to establish useful social connections. Able to give compliments by speaking to others, in detail, about the opportunities and/or abilities that they’ve perceive; value their ability to make impressions. Intimate intonations in their voice, coupled with the confidential manner of dialogue, charmingly allow them to win the favor of the interlocutor quickly. Often have convex eyes; gestures are smooth and confident. They’re inclined to dress unusually, brightly and extravagantly, however, their tendency to corpulence may limit their liberty to dress as they please. Gait is elastic and proud.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Appears influential and reliable, gradually attracted to others if they are useful. Possesses a specific snobbery, the status of impressiveness. For them, everything must become better and better – their office, car, etc... A good worker; can lead people and relationships; calculates well; is pragmatic. Is not adventurous. Are good politicians, since they wonderfully sense people and draw their attention when necessary. Plays the role of a thoughtful person who works on the key problem. Dresses more with restraint than the other subtype.

Sexual behavior

A soft yet persistent partner. Always know what they want and how to attain it. They value politeness, aesthetics and good manners. Can display sexual initiative or await it. Inclined to family life in the private sphere and leadership in the public sphere. Love rest and order, which must be introduced within their lifestyle. Aim is for coziness and comfort; they’re mobile and always willing to travel. They require a sober, reasonable and industrious person, who knows how to ensure respect for their household; meanwhile they can care for the rest.

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