SEE (ESFp) Subtypes

SEE-Se: The ESFp Sensory Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

The sensory subtype resembles an emotional, gusty and nervous person. Behind their anxiety and sincere discomfort the constant thirst for vigorous activity appears. Undertakes too much and thus wastes much energy in vain. Despite their efforts to be diplomatic, they often seem critical and categorical. Sometimes indignant but nonetheless does not forget to give compliments. While on one hand they are able to look down on the interlocutor and touch him/her with their prickly jokes; on the other hand can be very kind and willing to prove their kind nature if necessary. Possess good artistic abilities with which they amuse visitors. Usually thin and conscious of figure, periodically playing sports. Eyes are often small or deeply planted. Gestures display impatience and movements are nervous, gusty. Often change their pose; their gait appears weakened/shaky; speech tends to be either muffled or rapid.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Very active, energetic, enterprising. Adventurous, loves competitions and risks, loves playing with the law. If they feel defeated they tend to give up. Is one of the most unpredictable types. Works well in the intermediate trade structures, but not in production. A sharp change in mood is characteristic for them: if something is good for me, then everyone should be happy; if something is bad for me, then let the rest suffer too. Can exert powerful emotional pressure. A good executive and works well in the service industry, for example as a waiter; a good actor (but only in the easy genres like comedy or operetta). Easily manipulates relationships; able to attract people who do not yet know him. Is emotionally unstable; therefore is frequently unsociable (may provoke something and in the case of failure - rapidly retreat into the shadows).

Sexual behavior

Often contradictory in behaviour: appear energetic, then affectionate, courteous and diplomatic; express emotions eloquently in gestures and behaviour, however, they remain characterized by unpredictable reactions. They are particularly impatient, aim for the physical realization of their emotions. Encouraging, but remain a little indeterminate in their desires. Are erotically inventive, touchy, wounded and capricious. They value concern, kindness and time. Their search for an ideal can continue for long periods. Need a wise, patient, yielding person, who knows how to pardon them while remaining moderately critical.

SEE-Fi: The ESFp Ethical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov

The active, mobile person. Willingly moves to establish useful social connections. Able to give compliments by speaking to others, in detail, about the opportunities and/or abilities that they’ve perceive; value their ability to make impressions. Intimate intonations in their voice, coupled with the confidential manner of dialogue, charmingly allow them to win the favor of the interlocutor quickly. Often have convex eyes; gestures are smooth and confident. They’re inclined to dress unusually, brightly and extravagantly, however, their tendency to corpulence may limit their liberty to dress as they please. Gait is elastic and proud.

DescriptionVictor Gulenko

Appears influential and reliable, gradually attracted to others if they are useful. Possesses a specific snobbery, the status of impressiveness. For them, everything must become better and better – their office, car, etc... A good worker; can lead people and relationships; calculates well; is pragmatic. Is not adventurous. Are good politicians, since they wonderfully sense people and draw their attention when necessary. Plays the role of a thoughtful person who works on the key problem. Dresses more with restraint than the other subtype.

Sexual behavior

A soft yet persistent partner. Always know what they want and how to attain it. They value politeness, aesthetics and good manners. Can display sexual initiative or await it. Inclined to family life in the private sphere and leadership in the public sphere. Love rest and order, which must be introduced within their lifestyle. Aim is for coziness and comfort; they’re mobile and always willing to travel. They require a sober, reasonable and industrious person, who knows how to ensure respect for their household; meanwhile they can care for the rest.

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