Socionics Types: SEI-ISFp

Description of The SEI

Ego Block

Introverted Sensing Si

SEIs are naturally attuned to the nature of the physical stimuli around them. They are often aptly aware of whether they are comfortable or relaxed in a given environment and they often take spontaneous action to make their living environment more comfortable. They often make effective hosts, as they may spontaneously exhibit great attention to ensure that friends and family around them are comfortable and that their physical needs are well satisfied. They often have a natural level of attentiveness to the signals of the human body, and may make instinctive responses to adapt their environment to their comfort.

SEIs are usually unconcerned with the external demands around them, and may feel as though the world around them is overly hectic or frenetic, and unable to stop and smell the roses. SEIs may disdain the hustle and bustle of the world around them, and instead display a relaxed and convivial demeanor. They may be inclined to dismiss the productive demands placed on them and instead focus their energy on maintaining a comfortable, familiar, recreational, and nonthreatening environment. At times when they have to present themselves or their work to others, however, they may be overly socially anxious and afraid of disappointing others, and they may tend to overwork themselves or give extra effort. In this way, they may be highly industrious and dutiful workers.

SEIs often exhibit a down-to-earth quality and often focus their attention on events, affects, or relationships relevant to their physical environment or personal experience; for this reason, their style of conversation may at times come across as somewhat mundane or unimportant. SEIs may focus much of their energy towards processes oriented with bettering sensory experiences, including visual art, fashion, food preparation, dance, or other physical aspects. Their affective responses to situations are often intertwined with their level of physical comfort.

Extroverted Ethics Fe

SEIs are often highly attuned to the emotional environment immediately surrounding them. They are skilled at loosening up the atmosphere and often seek to actively contribute to the overall sense of group harmony and familiarity. SEIs often feel uncomfortable in circumstances in which the group atmosphere is overly hostile or virulent; in such situations, they may seek to play the role of peacemaker in order to restore the mood to a sense of joviality or calmness.

SEIs may expect individuals around them to behave according to the predominant emotional affect in a given environment. They tend to enjoy crafting an open, conflict-free, and relaxed environment where individuals are able to express themselves freely, but they may feel confused and deflated if somebody espouses viewpoints contrary to the predominant mood.

Many SEIs are shy, sensitive, and reserved. They may develop a mild, friendly, and soft-spoken demeanor, as they can frequently be overly concerned that they have offended others with their actions. They can be inclined to a somewhat avoidant, withdrawn, and socially reserved lifestyle. Rather than forge strong emotional connections with others, some SEIs may be inclined to interact spontaneously (and often reservedly) with others according to the immediate emotional ambience of a situation.

SEIs tend to spend a lot of energy concerning themselves with social acceptance and interpersonal dynamics.

Super-Ego Block

Introverted Intuition Ni

SEIs are capable of mentalizing and devling into imaginative inner worlds, pondering past, future, and recognizing patterns and trends. However, they tend not to emphasize these aspects especially, instead emphasizing physical, tangible, and relational aspects, and the simple pleasantries in life.

SEIs may be very minimally inclined to think towards the future. They may resist thinking of long-term matters, seeing them as somewhat unnatural and secondary to the state of their immediate pleasure or experience. However, at times, they may recognize and become overly anxious about the importance of long-term planning, sometimes demonstrating a tendency to overthink or overplan situations, and to draw unrealistic assessments about their future.

Extroverted Logic Te

SEIs may have difficulty adapting themselves to tasks in which they are expected to make judgments about the efficiency or effectiveness of a process, or tasks requiring them to evaluate or assimilate a large amount of factual information. They are prone to be uninterested in synthesizing the productive, technical, or methodological details of a situation, instead preferring to focus on their own experience and the emotional environment around them. They may see individuals who are highly attuned to processing and disseminating factual information dry, harsh, or inconsiderate. They may be skeptical and hesitant if proactively engaged or asked for feedback, particularly if the project does not relate to their personal knowledge or experience. They are equally inclined to be skeptical of others' claims of knowledge or expertise if not derived from direct personal experience, but from other sources such as books and the like.

SEIs are often highly disinclined to engage in productive tasks, and may be inclined to react to "responsible" individuals or environments as overly somber, cold, or dull. They often see the hustle and bustle of working concerns to be insignificant, preferring to focus on their own comfort and friendships.

Super-Id Block

Extroverted Intuition Ne

SEIs may demonstrate stagnant or reserved lifestyles. Many SEIs are disinclined to spontaneous action, travel, or readily adopting new interests. They may go through life quietly, dutifully, and comfortably, feeling as though there are no truly novel pursuits for them to seek. They may be perceived by others as insipid or uninventive. SEIs appreciate the company of friendly and engaging individuals who can show them new and interesting projects, and expand their mental landscape. They often make willing followers in zany or unusual pursuits or travels.

Some SEIs may have difficulty formulating original conceptual connections. SEIs can be attracted to esoteric, theoretical, or intellectual fields of interest, and may be drawn towards investigating the conceptual frameworks of others rather than developing their own ideas. They may be inclined to assimilate theories, possibilities and novel ideas and apply them to their own experience, comfort, or overall state of well-being.

SEIs are often focused on the present and may be unaware of the depths of their imaginative abilities. They can be insatiably curious individuals on some topics, but may be reticent to seek out information spontaneously on unfamiliar ideas. They are not always cognizant of the new opportunities that may develop for them or the directions in life that they may choose to pursue.

Introverted Logic Ti

SEIs seek clarity in their system of beliefs and understanding. They may seek to reinforce and expand their base of knowledge by assimilating information in the form of easy-to-remember models or systems. They may be inclined to developing models and belief systems based on large amounts of data that they have personally processed or personal experience; it can be difficult to dissuade them from or convince them to reevaluate the beliefs that they develop in this way, or to introduce additional variables into the conceptual equations that they produce. SEIs may be very adept at organizing data, and sometime can exhibit a meticulous fascination in the numbers and conceptualizations that they derive from it.

SEIs are anxious to satisfy themselves that they have already learned enough on a subject to reach definitive conclusions, and dislike the idea that acquiring expertise in a given subject is a never-ending process rather than a step. They may dislike having it pointed out, or demonstrated, that their understanding and expertise was not as definitive as they had concluded.

Id Block

Extroverted Sensing Se

SEIs are often quite averse to conflict and aggression. They may be highly discomfited and unsettled by environments in which conflict, competitiveness, and/or aggressive behavior are the norm. SEIs often have difficulty asserting themselves or saying no to others, and so some may even choose to overlook the roughshod nature of environments in which they subsist and instead try to maintain for themselves a positive attitude. Many SEIs try to make a point not to be aggressive, rowdy, or hurtful themselves.

SEIs are rarely interested in matters of political hierarchy or who maintains power in a situation; they may be inclined to believe that everyone will be well off if people treat each other with kindness and decency.

Introverted Ethics Fi

SEIs are often disinclined to making harsh or dismissive moral or ethical judgments. They prefer to maintain a positive attitude, and tend to see individuals' behavior and interactions as situational, and as a reflection of the predominant emotional atmosphere, rather than as a reflection of their character.

SEIs are adept at understanding the relational and emotional dispositions of others. However, they are usually more instinctively concerned with promoting a friendly and positive mood than with affirming the positive intentions of those around them. They may be inclined to overlook disaccords and contrarieties in the presence of a positive mood.

ISFp-Si: The ISFp Sensory Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


In interaction seems calm and soft. Industrious, practical, does everything with a sense of refined taste. Often engages in fine arts as a hobby. Well-wishing, tactful, unimposing; with her or his presence pacifies others. Tries to sympathize with other people, assist them and provide advice. Loves rest and comfort. Likes talking about her or his perceptions; attentively questions his conversation partner in regard to his or her affairs. Slightly delayed in his behavior and conversation, sometimes stretches out words, with difficulty formulates thoughts. Even if she or he is speaking quickly will not hasten to end the conversation. Able to speak about the same subject very comprehensively and at great length. Often smiles with confidence, nods her or his head as a sign of support. Movements are smooth, refined, somewhat sluggish; may appear to waddle and "walk like a duck". Dislikes seizing the spotlight, but her or his well combined clothes and accessories nevertheless attract attention.


Very much aware of harmony in communication. Amiable, will try to find a method to find rapport with anyone. Attentive and caring towards others people, very considerate of their conveniences. Inquisitive, collects various information and shares it with others. Critically evaluates what he hears. Does not like exaggeration, hype - needs facts and justifications. He enjoys when someone argues with him a little, enlivening the conversation, but poorly tolerates people who are aggressive and avoids serious quarrels. In business matters prefers to negotiate at an informal level. Knows how to patiently persuade a person to take on a beneficial or profitable project, but doesn't always notice which undertakings are actually promising. Thus, he can be hesitant in starting on new projects, afraid of making mistakes and feeling at fault. Values his peace and knows how to move away from any sources of irritation.

Tries under any circumstances to not lose his sense of measure. Keeps neutral in debates. Even when he has to insist on and defend his own opinions, he is able to maintain good relations with everyone. Often acts as a peacekeeper, trying to convince other people to agree to a compromise and come to mutual accord. Doesn't find it easy to deny a person's request, to push someone away, thus is often careful at the beginning of a conversation. Dislikes people who are clingy and imposing. With difficulty determines what a person is capable of and what to expect from him, though he appreciates talented and original individuals. Usually does not criticize anyone and dislikes it when other people are criticized in his presence. May be impatient as a listener. Does not like to compete or to coerce others into doing things against their own will. Has difficulties asserting and defending the interest of his business matters if he is unable to find agreement on an informal level.

Has a good memory for sensations: sounds, colors, and smells. Able to describe events in great detail. Loves nature and good aesthetics in any manifestation. Gravitates towards pleasant experiences. Dresses tastefully.

Has an inclination for following the latest styles. Loves comfort and aesthetics, various original decorations. Industrious, loves doing something with his hands. Everything that he takes up does with a sense of taste investing his heart and soul. Does not like commitments and giving promises, since he is afraid that he won't be able to fulfill them. On some he can make an impression of a passive and inert person, since he doesn't see the point in empty hassle and pointless expenditure of efforts. Due to this, often acquires the reputation of a talented slouch, who takes up a philosophical, contemplative stance in life. Strives for good quality of life.

Warm, gentle, charming, seeks to be in accord and harmony with his environment. Pays attention to manners and behavior of others and evaluates them in his mind. Tries not to burden others with his requests, asks for help only in extreme cases. Generally, will not attempt to draw attention to himself when he feels that nobody is interested in him. Dislikes talking about his failures. By nature private, sensitive, and easily wounded. Turns for help only to people who are close to him and who have proven themselves. Hospitable, likes when food is cooked deliciously and served with appeal. If he is to receive important guests or visitors, spends a lot of time and effort on such occasions, and thus rarely agrees to such events.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Possess a good aesthetical taste; this can manifest in their clothing, interior decoration, and job. This artist is frequently drawn to depicting landscapes and still lifes. They are a judge of the savoir vivre; for them, comfort is very important. They are sybarites and take care of their external appearance. They are hedonists, and they love to provide pleasure both to themselves and to others. Outwardly, they are a bit more stout than the ethical subtype.

Sexual behavior

They are very sexual, inventive and diverse in their intimate plans. Although appearing soft, they persistently display initiative in the approach. Knows how to persuade. Diplomatic and farsighted; love stability in relations and will not easily forgive betrayal. They are inclined to emotional enthusiasm, but do not always follow the call of their feelings. They need someone capable of winning their respect and admiration through uncommon abilities – these will aid for a long time in preserving their interest.

ISFp-Fe: The ISFp Ethical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


Seems lively, friendly, and unrestrained in conversation; emotionally responsive, easily gives compliments and closes the distance, may even take his conversation partner by his hand; his lack of restraint carries a shade of familiarity. Shyness can alternate with joking remarks; ironic quips easily turn into respectful and serious tone. Often jokes and tells even unpleasant things with a smile as to not offend the other person. Precautionary and careful. From time to time his temper flares up, but he is quickly appeased and is forgiving. Usually optimistic, merry, and upbeat. Likes to give and receive pleasure. Often gives compliments to people and renders various services. Knows how to cheer up or encourage someone. Seems carefree, for he is prone to hide his negative emotions from others. Impatient and restless. Speaks quickly and confidently, with imperative, declaring intonations. Has a quickly moving gaze that notes everything, sometimes cursorily "shooting" side to side, other times deep and meaningful. His movements are assured and graceful but a bit gusty.


Very appreciative of the joy of human interaction and all the other pleasures of life. Skilled in his ability to do pleasant things and aims to provide enjoyment for himself and for others. As a rule he is helpful, friendly, sympathetic, and considerate. Often the soul of the company. Hospitable, often knows how to cook well. Creates a relaxed, informal, trustful atmosphere of communication. Cares for and attends to others with elegance and ease, readily gives out compliments, uplifting their mood and the general atmosphere. Able to cheer people up with jokes and ruses. If he sees that someone is growing angry, he quickly smooths out the bad impression of a failed joke thus preventing a potential conflict.

Usually has many acquaintances, but fully relaxes and enjoys himself only in a circle of close friends. Tries not to go where he is not wanted. With unfamiliar people he is somewhat cautious and reserved. Does not like people who are cold and arrogant, with whom he cannot create an atmosphere of intimacy and informality. Becomes anxious when he is dealing with someone who is unpleasant to him; in such cases his speech at times becomes hurried and indistinct. Not prone to insubordination; avoids his superiors and boring strictly business conversations. If he is feeling sick or is in a bad mood, he retreats not wanting to burden others with his problems.

Trying to lift the mood and vitality of those around him, he assumes a position that he is sincerely indignant at their passivity and inaction. If his cheers and jokes have no effect, he is able to prick with a word such that it finally gets him the desired reaction. Sometimes, in the interest of the matter, he assumes a harsh and severe look. In such cases it is difficult to understand whether he is joking or being serious. Well versed in the nuances of feelings of others and willingly demonstrates his own, due to which he is usually popular among the opposite sex.

Internally inconsistent and very dependent on his state. Pays attention to problems and tries to resolve them as soon as possible; cannot stand uncertainty and doubt. Impatient, finds it difficult to wait for the natural outcome of events, prefers to speed things up. He is inclined to make hasty decisions and take reckless actions. Clever and resourceful, does not lose himself under any circumstances. Quickly notices weaknesses and deficiencies of a person or a situation and can depict them in a humorous light. Tries to create and cultivate useful ties and contacts, but sometimes doesn't have enough tolerance and diplomacy.

Plays the role of someone without problems. Sufficiently optimistic. Failures for him seem like they do not deserve attention. Leads an active way of life. When occupied by some business matter, sometimes he fusses and hustles, even though actual business activity lends itself to him with difficulty. Cannot occupy with one thing for a long time. Often changes his hobbies and occupations, tries his hand at various activities. He does not like meticulous sedentary work, but willingly takes on an interesting to him assignment and carries it out with great enthusiasm. However, may also suddenly lose interest and grow cold and not carry it through. Often frustrates other people with his disorganization, but it's difficult to remain angry at him.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Emotional ethics are intensified. They are emotionally expressive and sociable, enters easily into any company, appears to be an extrovert. Loves practical and spacious clothes, about which they are not very choosy – they can also walk around shabbily. Artistic, frequently performs the role of instigator. They easily find themselves in amateur artistic activity, can be a musician, actor, advertising agent, or poet.

Sexual behavior

They are romantic in love, emotional and eloquent. Are reasonable and yielding yet often touchy and wounded; subjected to sharp fluctuations of mood. They may hurry events and manifest impatience. Values frequent sexual contacts. Frequently inconstant in their feelings, but very attentive to those whom they love. At first, they can be tormented by uncertainty, then, intrigued, they are able to take the initiative. When interest in their partner lessens, he can be energized with mild jealousies.

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