SLE (ESTp) Subtypes

SLE-Se: The ESTp Sensory Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The sensory subtype is witty and impulsive. While seemingly concealing within them latent threats they appear unappeasable. However, they are sharp, aggressive and persevering people. Notably resourceful, they are able to manifest vindictiveness in doses that make life for their ill-wishers simply intolerable. Their character appears full of contrasts and unpredictability. Towards those whom they love they are often tender, even sentimental. Their sense of humor easily incorporates sarcasm and caustic irony. Are talkative, charming, witty, critical and sharp, love epithets and slang expressions. Their movements are fast and gait centered, When walking their slightly bent knees provide them with an ingratiating feline resemblance. Appreciate life and tend to watch over their health, periodically exercising through sports/gymnastics. Dresses tastefully and expensively. Usually provide a bright impression of a self-assured and prospering person


The persistent, energetic and determined man. Seeking his acts both directly and through intermediaries. He usually manages to become a winner. Knows how to manage people, they can impose their will and desire, draws useful and interesting things. Knows how to please: charming, humorous, a good conversationalist. It's a natural leader: it requires a struggle, the excitement, winning, without its vitality declines. Boredom - his mortal enemy. The lack of decent employment of forces makes it very difficult partner.

Configured for large real purpose, but often have difficulty in choosing them. Long swings, doubts, considering. But if the choice is made, acts quickly, picking up the pace and not calming down until it succeeds. This is a very resourceful and flexible tactics. Active and energetic, in periods of expansion develops uncommon performance. He does not like unsolicited advice, preferring to make their own decisions. Maybe listen to the interlocutor, but the last word is usually reserves. Clerk does not make a tone when it pressured - strongly fighting back. In the interest of the case shows diplomatic skills, courtesy and kindness.

It does not like it when others take the initiative, it may seem out of place: for example, something imposed or rushed - in this case can do the opposite. Very proud and touchy, but tries to hide it, considering his weakness. Do not forgive tactlessness and injustice to himself. This may cause him outbreak of aggression.

Insightful, witty, has a critical mind. In anger, showing intolerance to others' shortcomings. Knows how to give a brief description of the man, and capacious, with ridicule in the case of the presence of strangers, "put in a puddle." Actively promotes the interests of their own, and loved ones. Undesirable people could create an unfavorable environment, but to those whom he loves, he tries to provide the necessary comfort, showing attention and care.

Proud of their success and achieves a high estimate of his personality. Has a tendency to overestimate their own merits, which leads to arrogance and the desire to teach others. Self-confidence and lack of self-criticism did not facilitate his relationship with others. Respects people influential and respected. Forgiving of flexible, soft and defenseless, in need of assistance, especially to children. Often they provide protection and support. However, strict, even harsh at home and at work.

Very stubborn and demanding. In personal relationships difficult to adapt to the partner, as a fairly uncompromising. Effort of will can make sense of a subordinate to reason, proud and independent. It is often unpredictable in their actions, depends on the variability of mood. Pretty unstable in hobbies, but his affection tries to keep a long time. Values ??of the old friendship, although sentiment in the relationship usually does not show.

Strives for a high material standard of living. He has a good aesthetic taste, gourmet, can not deny myself that gives him pleasure. Durst in sex, but suspicious of love, afraid to be deceived in their hopes, wishful thinking. Quickly get tired of the monotony: he impresses psychological game with a partner, when hope is replaced by doubt - this is an element of excitement.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Sharp, demonstrative, attacking style of behaviour. Expressive and expansive to the point of being aggressive. Feels at home in emergencies; find themselves in conflicts; can pressure people in order to rapidly introduce order. If conflicts do not occur, they can provoke some in order to then take the initiative into their own hands. Emotional and sociable, will want the attention of more than one person of the opposite sex. Women also display initiative in their acquaintances with men. This subtype is sinewy, mobile, often thin, has a well developed taste, is an epicure. In fashion are drawn to refinement and prestige.

Sexual behavior

Demonstrative and behave unpredictably. Are sexually daring and energetic; animated in interaction and possessing feelings of humor. Are sexual and diverse in both moods and erotic reactions. Strongly emotional, are inclined to ignore the feelings and attitudes of other people and to consider their interests. An imperious and demanding partner, but can be thoughtful and affectionate. Find it difficult to restrain jealousy. Require an attentive, loyal, and reliable partner, whom will remain utterly submissive to their initiative.

SLE-Ti: The ESTp Logical Subtype

Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


The logical subtype constructs an impression of quiet force and confidence for themselves. They are rational and sequential in affairs; hardworking and hardy. Usually appear cool, sustained and collected, however, in moments of irritation they express their fury in demonstratively sharp, absolute gestures. Within a quiet atmosphere they are kind and polite, while keeping the interlocutor at a distance. Their humor is sharp, sometimes rude, and they bare a quick, mistrustful glare from under their eyebrows. They’re kind but also serious and guarded. Their gait and gestures appear harmonious, smooth and precise. Tends to dress rather monotonously, however, from time to time can also clothe themselves brightly, even extravagantly. Appreciate quality in apparel and often creates many outfits from a few articles. Thus they show concern for both their behaviour and appearance; though they often seem cold and inaccessible they themselves try to appear proper, equal and benevolent, while maintaining their advantages.


Steady and sustained: trying not to lose his equanimity under all circumstances. Reserved and polite in his statements, but can sometimes flare up. Very sorry when it comes out of himself in front of strangers.

Authoritative, serious, has a well developed sense of self-esteem. He prefers to talk about what feels competent. Uses formal or well-tested sources of information. New theories, untested practices, hypotheses and assumptions do not trust.

Interested in laws and regulations, is able to maintain good documentation. If you turn to him for advice, delves into the details of the case and gives specific advice.

Reasonable, says a confident tone, convincing evidence. Very practical, does not like theories and inappropriate actions. In contact with strangers through indirect questions clarifies their position in society, communication, and the possibility of looking for land on which it can come together to solve common business interests.

This is a man of action rather than reflection, and when the time comes to respond, he immediately focused under the changed circumstances, boldly goes to the risk, well-weighed all the chances and not losing sight of their interests.

Enthusiastically received for a new job. He likes to act boldly, risking "on a major," prepared for this carefully and in detail.

Rational, pragmatic, and hardworking. Very logical and practical in business. Punctual and obligatory, demanding to themselves and waiting for the same from others. Monitors the quality of everything. Do not forgive schlock and negligence. Effectiveness assesses not worth the effort, but on the final result.

He lives by reason, it puts the above personal feelings, because of what might inadvertently offend his interlocutor, not giving any importance to this.

Do not demonstrative, but he likes to emphasize the case for his services. Proud, if everything in life is seeking its own.

Mobilized in advance in order to overcome future obstacles, having considered all the risks ahead of the current situation. Always a good feel for the real situation and is able to benefit from it. Knows how to properly arrange the people to do things, well-evaluate their business skills. Difficult to understand and less confidently assess the prospects of affairs and relations.

The authoritarian and strong-willed person, but if needed, can be flexible in communication, even to go on temporary assignment for the final goal. Understands the importance of material incentives and knows how to use them, without losing their benefits. Showing kindness to others and friendliness, but in matters strictly requires unity and unanimity.

Bored, if no use to his abilities, and if he is forced to follow through on something that he had lost interest or does not constitute for him a practical interest. Only a new experience, and frequent change of the lift of his vitality.

Has to attract people attention and specific services. In his heart a little bit suspicious, distrustful and suspicious. Afraid of dirty tricks and treachery of those trusts. Occasionally prone to fall into pessimism and melancholy.

Thinking about their problems, especially personal agenda, trying not to spend them in others.

In moments of despair, in need of understanding, sympathy and consolation, but because of the distrust is often not decided to be frank. Often resorting to alcohol to relieve stress.

Quite secretive, does not like him "climb into the soul" can avoid a direct conversation, skilfully put a person on location. Open heart can only be a very close and tested friend.

Restraint in the expression of feelings finds a guarantee of seriousness and reliability. Proud and unobtrusive, does not know how to entertain guests, even the rare compliments to women. Experiencing difficulty in expressing their feelings. Afraid of becoming dependent, even to close friends.

Description by Victor Gulenko

Prefer to remain in the shadows, not to demonstrate their aspirations, but constantly hold their hands on the pulse of all proceedings around them. Outwardly appears balanced and phlegmatic. Before acting, checks all versions of possible consequences and only then enters into the game. Distrustful and careful, skeptic, conservative and realistic. Because they are not very sociable, may appear to be introverted. If they have their aim on a victim, they act slowly, by the method of the "compressive ring".

Sexual behavior

Tend to occupy a “wait and see attitude” as they are prone to doubt others feelings towards them. Their emotional expression may appear somewhat forced as they prefer to await the initiative of others; afterwards are tender and attentive with an aim of improving sexual techniques. Internally are sentimental; love uncommon adventures. Not quick to forget past offences. Have need of someone reasonable, flexible and diplomatic. Their partner should be affectionate, attractive, merry and optimistic.

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