The Rational (Judging)/Irrational (Perceiving) Dichotomy


Rationality / Irrationality (also: Judging / Perceiving or Shizotyme / Cyclotyme ) is one of the 4 Jungian dichotomies, and one of the 15 Reinin dichotomies. Rationality in socionics is a perceptual quality defined by a focus on actions and emotions. In contrast, Irrationality means a focus on states of mind and body.

Typical Characteristics


  1. Tend to plan ahead, make decisions early
  2. Are more often rigid and stubborn
  3. Do not like to change their decisions
  4. Tend to finish what they started.
  5. Usually have stiff movements.
  6. Usually more 'authoritarian' leadership style.
  7. Low stress tolerance.


  1. Tend to wait and see, more spontaneous
  2. Are more often flexible and tolerant.
  3. Change their decisions frequently.
  4. Tend to start new things without finishing them.
  5. Usually have gentle movements.
  6. Usually more 'democratic' leadership style.
  7. High stress tolerance.

Rational (Judging) Types: LII (INTj)  ESE (ESFj)  LSI (ISTj)  EIE (ENFj)  ESI (ISFj)  LIE (ENTj)  EII (INFj)  LSE (ESTj)  

Irrational (Perceiving) Types: ILE (ENTp)  SEI (ISFp)  SLE (ESTp)  IEI (INFp)  SEE (ESFp)  ILI (INTp)  IEE (ENFp)  SLI (ISTp)  

Famous Rational (Judging) Persons

Famous Irrational (Perceiving) Persons

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