ESE (ESFj) Subtypes

ESE-Fi: The ESFj Ethical Subtype


The ethical subtype is kind and affable, but obstinate and pig-headed when significant questions are directed towards them; because of this they appear to show excessive persistence. Are inclined to finish what they start, find it difficult to stop doing something after starting it and subsequently may waste time and regret it later. Try to be serious, restrained and polite in dialogue, but often render strong emotional pressure upon those that challenge their point of view. Like to take the interlocutor by the hand, to touch his/her clothes. Able to receive visitors in their homes but is more keen of interacting with others in public. Like give gifts to friends and relatives and for this purpose find suitable occasions. Dresses tastefully, but is rather modest. Gait is projected in quick actions, as if about to jump up; more often thin and a little angular. Their face can easily replace signs of discontent and indignation with a radiant smile.

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Very expressive, it is difficult to withstand their emotional pressure. Possess high fitness for work; however, their uncontrollable feelings prevent their work from realizing its potential. Very scattered; jumps from one thing to another. Straightforward, not average, Are characterized by their explosive choleric temperament. Outwardly – has a desire to draw the attention of the opposite sex by bright clothing, which presents an element of demonstrativeness.

Sexual behavior

Very emotional and prone to idealize their object of love. Distrustful and suspicious, their aim is for stable relations. Constantly attempt to attract others interest to themselves. It is necessary to pay attention to their problems or you risk disappointing them. It is also necessary not to provide them with occasions that warrant jealousy. They must be shown tolerance in order that they view their behaviour as correct and proper. These requirements will aid in providing them with stable and confidential relations, which they truly require.

ESE-Si: The ESFj Sensory Subtype


The sensory subtype is vigorous, efficient and practical. Emotionally striking, but sympathetic and benevolent towards people. Able to correct impressions caused by sharp statements. Self-assured and skillful; coquettish and pleasant, create an intimate atmosphere with their dialogue. Projecting tenderness, they often embrace those that act nicely and courteously towards them. Attentive to people, careful and obliging, yet may react suddenly if they find something unpleasant. Their speech, as a rule, is fast and emotional, willingly forming compliments. Prone to fussiness and restlessness, but able to occasionally relax cheerfully. Hospitable, are able and willing to prepare a gourmet for others.. Their fast, graceful movements mimic liveliness. Charmingly puts on a show and loves expensive things.

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Aesthete, loves to provide pleasure to themselves and to those around them, loves to give gifts. Good at maintaining household – knows how to make do even with a minimum of conveniences. A man of business, can be a successful manager in the leisure and entertainments industry. Women of this type knit and sew well, know how to be charming, possess a good taste in colour matching clothing. Undemonstrative behaviour. Very bad at enduring pain and poor health.

Sexual behavior

Often take the initiative in sex. Are attentive and thoughtful, knowing how to provide pleasure; emotional yet diplomatic with contacts. Rather demanding, their aim is new impressions and they are inquisitive in sex; willing to experiment. Often fail to foresee the consequences of their actions; are thus rash and impulsive in their solutions. Their partners should be resourceful in expressing responsiveness to their feelings. It’s necessary that they avoid routine and are not overloaded by everyday problems.

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