Semi-dual Relations

General Description of Semi-dual Relations

Relations of semi-duality are one of incomplete or "deficient" duality, when both parties are usually in agreement and on friendly terms. Semi-duals, can show great interest in each other, which is multiplied if they also find each other attractive. Unfortunately, harmony can dissolve quickly when one of the pair makes a blunder of some sort, be it socially or etiquette related. Fortunately, semi-dual partners often have much to talk about in their conversations and these conversations do not seem boring to the participants. There is the added benefit of the inability of the pair to stay angry with each other for long.

Some leading socionists have quipped relationships of semi-duality "the moth and the flame". The couple is invariably attracted to each other, but repeatedly "burned" by each other. To some onlookers these relations may seem especially passionate and loving.

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